Get Living Assistant

July 10, 2020

As part of our commitment to streamlining and automating services for our residents’ convenience, we have introduced the Get Living Assistant, Evie – named after Get Living’s first neighbourhood East Village (EV).  Evie will be available to anyone who rents with Get Living and uses Google Assistant on their smart devices. All they need to say is: “Hey Google, speak to Get Living.”

The purpose of the Get Living assistant is to help provide seamless move-in experiences for new residents and act as a neighbourhood guide. To alleviate the Relationship Managers of regular questions asked, Evie will serve as an AI member of the team – on hand to help 24/7, allowing the rest of the team more time to dedicate to complex enquiries.

Essential Features

The Get Living Assistant is programmed to answer more than 200 questions about Get Living homes and neighbourhoods and is always learning ways to respond to queries.  Residents will be able to ask questions such as: “How do I control the heating in my home?”  and “What time does the dry cleaners close?” to “How far to the nearest pint?”

If Evie can’t answer a question the first time, Get Living’s relationship management teams remain available on phone, email and in-person.

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