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Before you call us, why not see if your question is answered here in our FAQ section? Here you'll find information on everything from painting and decorating, to meter readings and parking permits.


One of the ways we make life easier is taking parcels in for you while you're out at work.

At East Village, just take the missed delivery card to the East Village Management office at 80 Celebration Avenue. You'll also need plus a form of ID, proof of address (tenancy agreement or utility bill) and your building fob. The team will check the details and hand over your parcel.

At Elephant Central, parcel collection is managed via the Bringme app. Download the app and register, and you'll receive a unique access number that you'll need to access the Bringme lockers. You'll get alerts via the app whenever there's a parcel ready for you. Head to the Bringme lockers in (your building lobby), enter your access number and pick up your parcel. If your item is too big for the lockers, you'll need to be at home to take the delivery.

Getting a supermarket delivery? You'll need to be in as we can't hold fresh food for you.

Decorating and furniture

Permission granted! You're welcome to paint the walls of your home whenever you want. Just a couple of things: firstly, please use the paint types we specify. Secondly, unless your contract states otherwise, you will need to restore the walls to how they were when you moved in. You can use our Get Living Maintenance team to do this – though they will normally charge for this. At Elephant Central if you are on a three-year tenancy and stay for the full three years, we will not charge you for re-decorating back.

Yes – you are welcome to hang pictures, using picture hooks, without having to notify us. A single hook can be used for pictures up to 3kg in weight; for heavier pictures, we recommend using two hooks.

We ask that you keep it to no more than two hangings per wall. If there are more, you'll have to pay for filling the holes and making good the wall before you leave.

If you would like to hang items over 5kg, please contact us for some guidelines. If all this sounds a bit much, just let our Get Living Maintenance team take the strain. They will provide you with a competitive quote, and if you use them and stay for the full three years of your tenancy there will be no charge for making good either.

We totally understand if you want your own furniture to make your place your own. So you're welcome to remove furniture and store it elsewhere, at your own cost. You will need to return it at the end of the tenancy and if anything is missing or damaged, we will charge you for the replacement.

Yes, absolutely. We know that different people prefer different types of bed. Please feel free to use your own mattress but – as with removing any other furniture – you will have to store the mattress we provided, at your own cost, and return it at the end of your tenancy.

If you live in East Village, no problem. Just a few things… please ask first, no new rails or poles, and whatever you put up instead needs to be white/off-white (or lined in these colours). And because the next person to call this flat home might have different tastes, please keep the originals folded neatly, somewhere dry, so you can hang them back up when you leave.

If you live in Elephant Central, sorry. Our designers selected all of your blinds/curtains to create just the right environment for your home and the homes around it. So you'll have to leave them as they are. There are many other ways to decorate though, so just ask.

The curtains are washable at 40 degrees, 1 spot iron, no tumble dry, no bleach. They are also dry cleanable. At Elephant Central we recommend having the curtains dry or steam cleaned. Easier still, let us arrange to have this done for you: just let us know.

Sorry – changes to blinds are not allowed as that would require some modification to the fixtures & fittings.


No, sorry. Because we use special energy saving bulbs, you need to get them from us. But the good news is that they're designed to last a very long time – so hopefully you won't need to replace you.

If you do, at East Village, we supply replacements for you to install – but there is a small charge. At Elephant Central, if any of your ceiling LED bulbs, service cupboard bulbs or bathroom light bulbs we will replace these for you free of charge.

At East Village, all homes have induction hobs – which use magnetic induction to heat up quickly and are far more energy-efficient than traditional hobs. However, they only work with pans that include some kind of ferrous metal like cast iron, or some stainless steels. They don't work with aluminium or copper pans unless they have a dedicated induction plate. Also, your pans need to be large enough to cover the surface of the ring to ensure there is sufficient contact with the bottom of the pan.

Induction pans are easy to find in any cookware department.


We will email you the inventory and move-in report within 48 hours of your move-in appointment. If you have not received yours within this timeframe, please contact us.

Oops! This happens occasionally – no big deal. Let us know within 14 days if you think anything's missing. If there are a quite a few items, please email us a bulleted list along with any supporting photographs. We'll update the file, but recommend you keep a copy too.


That depends which one. Your water and hot water/heating suppliers are fixed and you can't switch them. However, you can change your electricity provider: we just ask you to let us know who the new provider is before you leave.

When we build our homes, we look to find the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to provide hot water to residents. At both East Village and Elephant Central, we've found what we think are great solutions for the community, and from the information we've got, they are competitively priced too.

In East Village, we're served by a district hot water and heating system. It's a low-carbon way to provide hot water, but needs plenty of homes and a long-term commitment to be efficient for the provider. So East London Energy has a 40-year contract to supply East Village, the wider Olympic Park and a number of surrounding developments, with a district hot water and heating system.

In Elephant Central, we decided not to fit boilers in every home – saving space and meaning you don't have to worry about servicing. Instead, all hot water is supplied via a central plant room. It's then pumped to your home and distributed around your home by your Heat Interface Unit (HIU), which has a meter to monitor how much you're using. E.on supplies the energy used to heat all the hot water for the estate. You pay them for the hot water you use.

That depends on where you live, and which meter!

At East Village, most electric and water meters are located in communal cupboards (there are some water meters located within home utility cupboards). The communal cupboards are not accessible to residents. Our team take monthly readings. If you want to know yours, please contact your relationship manager.

At Elephant Central, your hot water and cold water supply meters are located in your service cupboard and you can check those whenever you like. Your mains electricity meter is in a separate cupboard in your corridor. Let us know if you would like a meter reading and we will email that to you.


Sorry, no – we don't offer those. The temporary spaces available are reserved for residents moving in or out, not for visitors or contractors.

At East Village, there are some disabled spaces, private pay as you go spaces or loading bays. Ask in the office for a map.

There is no residential parking available at Elephant Central.

If you live at East Village, you can apply for a parking permit via the Relationship Management team. Car parking spaces cost £65 per month; motorbike parking spaces are £21.67 per calendar month.

We will issue a licence for the space that you must electronically sign. We also send you a direct debit mandate for the monthly payment.

Once your application is accepted, you should receive your permit, along with a key fob that gives you entrance to secure parking areas, within 3-5 days. We are only able to issue a licence for a minimum three-month period and you must give one month's notice when you no longer want your space.

There is no residents' parking at Elephant Central. However, when you move in or out, we can offer a short stay unloading/loading parking service. Contact your relationship management team to check availability and book.


Don't panic! We've all been there. If it's your front door key, the concierge team can let you in, as long as you have some form of ID with you. We'll then sort out replacements. If it's a key for a post box, we can get them sorted too. Just contact the relationship management team and they will be able to arrange replacements for you.

The costs of replacement depend on the type of key you've lost. As of March 2017, costs are as follows:


  • Door Entry Fobs: £6.00
  • Flat Aspex Keys: £19.08
  • Glutz Fobs: £12.00
  • RF (undercroft gates) fobs £30.00
  • DAD Post Box Lock: £23.88
  • DAD Post Box Key: £20.16
  • Renz Post Box Lock: £23.40
  • Renz Post Box Key: £13.68
  • Safety Letter Box Company: £11.40


All prices are inclusive of VAT & delivery.

Sorry, for security reasons we can't do this. However, if you have friend or family member visiting, we can let them into your home if you have given us your permission in advance. Please contact the relationship management team to arrange this.

In East Village, email your Relationship Manager with the fob reference number and we will arrange for this to be reprogrammed remotely. This typically takes at least 24 hours so if you require access to a building we will fast track this where possible. And don't worry, our team can let you into your home in the meantime.

At Elephant Central, we can reprogramme fobs on site. Please take your fob to the concierge in Raglan House. Outside of concierge working hours, the security staff can let you into your home until the office re-opens (please have some ID ready).

Emergency Contact Details

If you need emergency help use the contact details below for your neighbourhood.

East Village 0203 874 1974 Elephant Central 0203 874 1974