Blurred lines: fostering productive working environments at home

August 30, 2018

A blog by Oliver Leeming, Business Development Manager

The age-old saying of not mixing business with pleasure is just that – an old way of thinking. Today, the lines between our work and personal lives are blurring with more companies investing in workplaces to create environments that foster creativity and productivity, with enhanced amenities to make the office feel more like home.

The likes of Google are notorious for kitting out their buildings with sleep pods, saunas and sandpits to appeal to the Millennial minded, but it seems for this generation the allure is fading. As we found in our Millennial Living in 2018 report, three quarters of those aged 25 to 31 said that working from home was the most appealing benefit their company could offer.

What’s more, 70% of Millennials admitted they are either open to the idea of another job, or actively looking for another role. So, the challenge for businesses is not how to keep employees in the office for longer, but how to keep them coming back at all.

Yet, how can employers continue to motivate and support staff if they can’t influence their working environment?

With more employees choosing to work from home to suit their flexible lifestyles, it’s difficult to know if their home-working environment is suitable and effectual. Can managers be sure their reports aren’t being exposed to noisy neighbours, living with mould on the walls or having to deal with the stresses of an undependable landlord?

These are the conversations we’re having with employers through Get Living’s ‘Preferential Partnership’ scheme.

We work closely with HR professionals who are faced with attracting and maintaining a young workforce. By giving staff the opportunity to live in a Get Living neighbourhood, where they benefit from two weeks free rent, free wi-fi (on top of our standard no deposits, no fees and three-year tenancies), employers in turn get the reassurance that staff are living in high quality homes, where there is a strong sense of community and a responsible landlord looking after them.

In demonstrating a vested interest in the lives of staff beyond the office doors, employers can ensure that while the lines between work and home life continue to merge, the wellbeing and productivity of their personnel is an upward curve.


Get Living’s Preferential Partnership scheme is no longer available.

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