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East Village, London

With 25 acres of parks and wetlands, East Village is a place to breathe the air and get active. Even our gigs and gatherings take place outdoors.

Elephant Central, London

Perfectly placed to make the most of the city, yet with a character and community all of its own.

New Maker Yards, Manchester

The buzz of two great cities. The cool calmness of the canals. A place to live, work, meet friends.

Useful Guides

Useful Guides

We are delighted that you are interested in moving into one of our homes!

Below you will find a list of useful documents and guides that will give you a clear indication of how your tenancy agreement will look, and enable you to make the process from applicant to resident as smooth and seamless as possible.

*If renting as a second home or not as an individual (i.e. a company)