Accessing Portlands Place

Building entrance doors have electrically controlled locks that are activate by your key fob.

Your fob will be programmed to access your home, the communal areas and the main door. When you present the fob to enter you’re a home a green light will show the door is unlocked.

  • To secure the door from inside press the black button
  • To secure the door when leaving your home lift the handle to engage the multi-lock and then press your fob to secure
  • If you ever see an orange light when opening, please do let us know this may mean your battery is getting low
  • In the event the battery runs out while you are in the home there is manual open function by holding the silver button whilst using the handle.

Visitor Access

Residents can view, speak with and admit visitors remotely from the video door phone panel located on the apartment hall wall. Find more information on visitor access here.

You will need to meet visitors and deliveries in the lobby as the lifts can only be accessed with a fob.

Lost Key Fobs

Lost keys should be promptly reported to your resident host so that the key fob can be disabled. Replacement key fobs can only be purchased via your resident host.

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