Council Tax

You are responsible for paying Council Tax on your home.

To set up payments, contact the Council Tax Department of Newham Council via the online portal, My Newham. You can create your account on the Newham Council website.

Signing Up Utility Accounts

All homes in Portlands Place have mains electricity, water and drainage already connected.

On signing your tenancy agreement, we provide your details to the utility providers. It is your responsibility to ensure the account is set up appropriately from the date your tenancy starts, which may not be the same day that you move in.

Details of the utility providers are below.

TV Licensing

You must obtain a TV licence if you wish to watch any free-to-air channels whether they are shown live or online, or to download BBC programmes on iPlayer. This includes if you are watching on a computer, phone, tablet or console.

Visit TV Licensing UK for more details.


Heating & Hot Water

At East Village, all homes are connected to a district hot water and heating system, solely provided by East London Energy.

Residents are issued an ELE supply agreement to sign prior to moving in.

The heating and hot water meter is located within the heating interface unit (HIU). The LED smart screen in your home provides accurate readings. This meter will be read remotely and your energy company will confirm when you’ll receive your bills.

The heating installation within the building is managed by the district heating provider Engie:

Water Supply

Mains water supply and sewerage services are provided by Thames Water.

Water usage is measured using a meter located in your utility cupboard. This meter will be read remotely by Thames Water, but they may occasionally require access to your apartment for maintenance.

  • For sinks, behind the access panel below the sink
  • For the bath, behind the side panel
  • For the washer dry, at the back of the appliance. You will need to move it out to reach the isolation valve.


The preferred Electricity supplier is Scottish Power. However, residents are welcome to choose their own provider.

Get Living will notify Billing Better with your opening metre readings and tenancy start date. Please do not turn off your electricity supply as it is required to power the heating and ventilation systems and the smoke and heat detector units.

Reporting Loss of Water or Electricity

If you lose power, water or heating, contact your Residen Host first before your utility provider – they can check whether it’s a wider problem.


LED lighting is provided throughout the apartment, controlled by local switches.

A labelled ‘master switch’ near the entrance to the apartment enables all lighting to be switched off from a single location.

The light bulbs in your home have a long lifetime, so hopefully will not need replacing too soon after move in. However, when they do, please speak to your resident host about how to reorder these.

Before attempting to replace any bulbs/lamps, please make sure that:

  • You have turned off the electricity supply to the light using the relevant fuse box
  • The lamp is cool enough to not burn you

An electricity consumer unit is located in the utility cupboard by the front door.

Learn more about power


Broadband, Wi-Fi & TV

It’s easy to get connected in Portlands Place. All the sockets are built into special wall panels.

  • For standard terrestrial TV and radio just plug in your aerial. Other than your TV license, there is no charge.
  • Residents can access special package offers through our partnership with Sky.

Better value packages could be available even if you are already a Sky customer. T&C’s apply.

Broadband internet and landline telephone is supplied to apartments by Hyperoptic.

  • Hyperoptic broadband is installed in all homes with download speeds of at least 30MB, refer to your contract for details. You’ll also get free landline calls at weekends and weekday evenings
  • For other satellite services, you can set up your own contract and plug into the 2 SAT 1 outlets. There’s no need to install your own dish.

Care & Maintenance

You are responsible for keeping the home in a good condition and informing us of any damage.

Read further for more guidance on cleaning and maintenance. It also includes information about decorating and personalising your home.

Smoking Rules

You are not allowed to smoke in any indoor, balcony, terrace or common area, anywhere in Portlands Place or East Village.

Going On Holiday?

If you’re going on holiday for two weeks or more, please remember to provide contact details in case of emergencies.

Below is all information on what to do in case of prolonged absences.

I'm going away


To make recycling simple, we’ve put rubbish chutes on every floor of Portlands Place. Your home is provided with a large general/recycling split bin. Use separate bags for general rubbish and recycling.

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Looking After Your Home


You’re welcome to decorate your home, hang pictures and other items as long as you do so in accordance with the terms of your tenancy agreement.

For any queries about decorating or other DIY activities, contact your resident host. They can advise you on what’s permitted and put you in touch with trusted decorators for further assistance.

You must not make any structural, mechanical or electrical alterations to your home without our written consent.

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Handy Person Service

For a small fee, you can hire our Handy Person to help put paintings up, change lightbulbs and DIY jobs.

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Reporting Maintenance Issues

You can report maintenance issues easily via our Resident App using the maintenance widget on the home screen. Let us know the issue and we will send someone to help.

Heating & Ventilation

All homes in East Village have excellent insulation and a heat recovery ventilation system, so in general you won’t need much extra heating.

However, for colder days, there are radiators around your home and a heated towel rail in the bathroom(s).

Cooking on Induction Hobs

Every home in Portlands Place is fitted with an induction hob which require induction-friendly cookware – easily found in any kitchenware department.

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Building Insurance:

Get Living arranges and maintains insurance covering the fabric, structure and infrastructure services for all our buildings.

Contents, Personal and Liability Insurance:

You are responsible for making your own insurance arrangements to cover your contents, your personal effects and personal liability.