Accessing Elephant Central

On the day you move in, you’ll be given an eAccess fob.

This is a keyless entry system that gives you access to the building, your home and locked communal areas. It also controls access to the lifts. All eAccess fobs are programmed by your Relationship Management Team.

If you require access to any additional areas during your residency please contact your Relationship Management team.

Your Building

  • To enter the building lobby area, hold your eAccess fob against the fob reader on the entry panel outside the building until the LED flashes green
  • There are two lifts in your building. Hold up your eAccess fob to the card reader at the lift call buttons. The lift call buttons on other floors do not require cards.
  • Once in the lift, tap your eAccess fob on the reader and select your floor.

Your Home

  • To get into your home, hold your fob against the reader above the handle – when unlocked the the LED will flash green
  • When you close the door behind you can lock the door from the inside by either using the fob again so that the LED flashes red, or you can press the black button
  • To open the door from the inside, press the black button at the top of the back plate.

In the event, the battery runs out while you are at home there is a manual open function by holding the metal button whilst using the handle.

Visitor Access

Residents can view, speak with and admit visitors remotely from the video entry system phone panel located by the front door of your apartment.

When visitors arrive, they will call your apartment number from the panel outside the building.

If you’re happy to let them in, press the keyboard icon button on the touch screen, followed by 1 and then 1 again to release the door. A buzzer will sound outside the building to let the caller know that the building entrance door is unlocked. This will grant them access to the lobby only – please meet your guests here and take them to your home.

Lost eAccess Fob

If you lose your eAccess fob, you must report it to your Relationship Management Team as soon as possible. They will deactivate the fob so it cannot be used. Replacement fobs can be provided at an additional cost.