Your Essential Accounts & Insurance

Council Tax

You are responsible for paying Council Tax on your home.

To set up your Council Tax payments, contact the Council Tax Department of the London Borough of Southwark.

The easiest way to do this is via the Southwark Council website.

Some people are eligible for Council Tax discounts. Find out more from the website here.


All homes at Elephant Central have mains electricity and water already connected.

On signing your tenancy agreement, we provide your details to the utility providers through Billing Better.

They will be in touch with you to set up your account.

It is your responsibility to ensure the account is set up appropriately from the date your tenancy starts, which may not be the same day that you move in.

Details of the utility providers are below.

TV Licensing

You must obtain a TV Licence if you wish to watch any free-to-air channels whether they are shown live or online, or to download BBC programmes on iPlayer.

This includes if you are watching on a computer, phone, tablet or console.

Visit TV Licensing for more details.


Buildings insurance: Get Living arranges and maintains insurance covering the fabric, structure and infrastructure services for all our buildings.

You are responsible for making your own insurance arrangements to cover:

  • Personal effects
  • Liability insurance


Water Supply

Thames Water is the water supplier for Elephant Central. Its Customer Service team can be contacted via:

More water supply


Electricity Supply

Electricity Ecotricity is the electricity provider and can be contacted via:

Learn about power


Television and Radio

A TV and radio distribution system, providing access to all free-to-air digital channels, is ready for use.

Plug your TV into the outlet in the lounge. To access paid digital and satellite channels, you have to get the necessary equipment/receivers and contracts with your chosen provider. All homes have been Sky Q enabled.

Residents can access special package offers through our partnership with Sky.


Community Utilities is the heating supplier for Elephant Central. Its customer services can be reached via:

Heating info


Internet and Wi-Fi

Fast, secure, unlimited Wi-Fi and wired internet access will be active as soon as you move in.

At, or even prior to check-in, your Relationship Management Team will have emailed you a unique network pass-phrase already deployed exclusively on your home Wi-Fi network.

  1. To connect wirelessly to your Secure Personal Area Network, when in your home, please search for the wireless network which includes your building name and apartment number (e.g. Raglan 1101)
  2. Enter the WPA2 pass-phrase provided in your welcome email
  3. You will then be connected and able to reach all your other devices on your personal area network whether connected over Wi-Fi or on the wired sockets.
More info


Reporting Loss of Service

If you lose power, water or heating, please contact your Relationship Management Team, on:

020 3874 1876 or by email, or pop by the Concierge desk.

Going On Holiday?

If you’re going on holiday for two weeks or more and your home will be left empty, you should contact your insurers to ensure that the terms of your policies won’t be affected.

Care & Maintenance

You are responsible for keeping the home in a good condition and informing us of any damage.

Section 6 provides more guidance on cleaning and maintenance. It also includes information about decorating and personalising your home.

Smoking Rules

You are not allowed to smoke in any indoor, balcony, terrace or common area, anywhere at Raglan House or Elephant Central.

Refuse and Recycling

Your home is provided with a large general/recycling split bin.

Use separate bags for general rubbish and recycling, and when they’re full take them to the refuse rooms on the upper basement level and place the bags in the appropriate container. The following items are suitable for recycling:

  • Paper
  • Thin card
  • Plastic bottles (please rinse)
  • Tins and cans (please rinse)
  • Catalogues and telephone directories.

To learn more about recycling, disposal of bulky items and Council collection click below.

Recycling policies

Looking After Your Home

Reporting Maintenance Issues

You can report maintenance issues easily via our resident app using the maintenance widget on the home screen. Let us know the issue and we will send someone to help.


Like in all Get Living homes, you’re welcome to decorate your home at Elephant Central and hang pictures and other items. However, we ask you to take care and follow the guidance below to avoid damaging your home and possible risk of injury.

If you have any queries about decorating or other DIY activities, please contact your Relationship Management Team. They can advise you on what’s permitted and put you in touch with our Home Plus Team for further assistance.

Find out more

Handy Person Service

For a small fee, you can hire our Handy Person to help put paintings up, change lightbulbs and DIY jobs.

View our charges


Dealing With Blockages

Avoid blockages by using a sink waste catcher (available from most hardware shops). Put all food waste into your bin or food recycling bin where appropriate.

Click below for further details on all types of blockages.

More home info

Cleaning Service

You can hire one of our trusted cleaners to carry out your everyday cleaning at a competitive rate.

Cleaning charges


Heating & Ventilation

It is easy to keep your home well ventilated without causing draughts – when someone’s in the room, consider having a window or the balcony door open a small amount.

Once you’re living in, and heating, a new home, the building materials may dry out, and sometimes shrink by very small amounts, causing small cracks to appear. Find out more how to prevent this.