A purposeful plan for the future

We’re not just changing renting for the better; our neighbourhoods create wider social, environmental and economic benefits – also known as social value – for local and surrounding communities.

We create welcoming places to live with sustainability and connection and at their heart. We work with partners who share our vision for the future and retailers who promote sustainable living; notably The Lab E20 creative hub in East Village which puts on events and workshops centred around the circular economy and sustainable fashion.

View of Hightail and Skylark Point Portlands Place apartment buildings from the green Wetlands

Nurturing sustainable places to live

Get Living homes are highly energy-efficient with sustainable home appliances and water and heating systems that make over 90% of our homes rated B on EPC* to help reduce individual energy usage and collective carbon footprint.

Our neighbourhoods purposefully have nature on their doorstep including the biodiverse Wetlands in East Village, the Middlewood Locks canal at New Maker Yards and the outdoor green space of Elephant Park by Elephant Central. The Wetlands is completely sustainable with water sourced from rainwater and run off from the neighbourhood buildings which is recycled and used throughout the Wetlands along with water for flushing toilets in East Village homes.

*Energy Performance Certificate


Live local, support local

Everyone has a stake in social value creation – us, our residents, local communities and councils – and we know we must continually invest in our neighbourhoods to nurture this. Our role is to support local employment and local suppliers and become civic family members of the communities we operate while pursuing a green and sustainable agenda.

Our Environmental, Social & Governance Policy and Sustainability Report continue to affirm our commitment as a socially responsible business.