Passion with purpose, work with meaning.

Passion with purpose, work with meaning.

Passion with purpose, work with meaning.

Passion with purpose, work with meaning.

Connecting people, building communities.

By creating a brilliant living experience in our neighbourhoods, we make it possible for people to live their best lives on their terms.

Why join?

We’re building something really special. Our environment gives you the chance to make a real and personal impact, from the team you work with every day to the thousands of people who live in our neighbourhoods.

We’ll give you the opportunity, and support you, to ensure you get the most out of what you do and what you get from work: how you’re trusted; how you’re valued; and how you’re empowered to be the difference. You’ll be encouraged to develop the skills and experience for success now and for whatever the future might hold.

What we do

We create brilliant big-city neighbourhoods, each unique and compelling in its own right. Our vibrant communities truly connect people and create lasting social, environmental, and commercial value for all our stakeholders. We have a strong plan for sustainable growth. From 6,500 people living the Get Living Way to 40,000 and beyond, in locations across the UK.

How we do it

While we have big ambitions, we know that it’s the little things that often mean the most. We give great attention to every detail to ensure we provide a brilliant neighbourhood experience. How we treat our people is no different, if anything, more important! We never settle. We’re active, ambitious, and consistent and are driven to take big-city living to an even higher level.

What we look for in our people

Great companies like ours are built from the inside out – by great people and great teams who share a common purpose. You bring passion, innovation, and ambition to match ours. Coupled with your drive and flexibility, so you can deliver a brilliant experience every day.

Join the Get Living Team

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

We are always on the look out for talented individuals to join the Get Living team. Follow us on LinkedIn and stay in the loop with updates and job opportunities.

It’s a super enjoyable place to do your best work

Christian Armstrong, Director of Brand, Product & Technology

4 years

“Being in the business of providing quality spaces and places for people call home, is both incredibly important and rewarding. Every day I get to work alongside a talented and committed bunch of people, to make a really positive differenced to how people live. We’re a growing company; a dynamic company which feels like an incredible fusion of property, hospitality and leisure, where you can try out new things. To me, Get Living is a leader, a long-term partner and a community of staff, residents, retailers and customers alike.”

Innovative, exciting & welcoming

Leandra Alexander-Cotter, FP&A Manager

1 year + 8 months

“The greatest part of working at Get Living is the team itself; there are so many talented, diverse and genuine people within the company. Get Living places great emphasis on team working, open communications and socials (pre-covid & a good zoom quiz!). It’s great being exposed to people you can learn from and work with whilst having a laugh along the way.”

Working in Build to Rent opened my eyes to the importance of resident satisfaction and wellbeing at home

Shane Quickfall, Maintenance Supervisor

1 year + 6 months

“What do I enjoy most about Get Living? Well, working in maintenance throws up new challenges so, as an innate trouble-shooter, I do get a kick out of problem solving as well as the job satisfaction of helping residents. Working in BTR sector, especially through the pandemic, has really shown how important those interactions are – sometimes by simply fixing an issue, you’ve helped make someone’s day and you soon see more friendly faces around the neighbourhood. We’re a team of forward thinkers and doers and it was great to see that recognised with an award for team of the year.”

I get a great sense of pride from what we do

Cordelia Lynch, Relationship Manager

3 years + 6 months

“Joining the Elephant Central team at the very beginning, has meant we’ve been able to see both the buildings and community of residents who live with us really come into their own. I am still really fascinated by how all the building assets, services and functions work together to help create a beautiful, finished home for me to show customers. Daily interactions with residents keep things interesting, and understanding all the hard work that has gone into every stage of designing homes, running and maintaining a neighbourhood, organising events, gives me a great sense of pride about what we do.”

You get more from work when you
Get Living.