Together, we create inclusive, welcoming neighbourhoods

Our mission

At Get Living, we create large-scale neighbourhoods for people who value not just a great rental home in a distinctive and welcoming community, but who cherish the opportunity to connect and be together, in a way that creates a place to call home, a thriving community and social value for its residents.

Our story

We are pioneers in build-to-rent, built on a founding principle to change renting for the better. Because done right, renting gives us the freedom to get living, the freedom to thrive, and the freedom to choose the life that works for us.

We started in 2013 with the vital ingredients: creating quality, sustainable homes built to last that we own and rent, to cut out the middlemen and take away unnecessary fees. We introduced secure, long-term tenancies that only residents can break. Today, we have almost 4,000 homes across the UK with nearly 2400 homes in East Village with an additional 1379 affordable homes owned by Triathlon Homes, over 800 homes in New Maker Yards and over 350 homes in Elephant Central, and many more to come.

We believe in creating sustainable neighbourhoods that bring people together and help them to thrive. Places that grow organically and have community at their core. Made possible by a network of cafes, shops and restaurants, with spaces to be creative, and on-site teams that are there for you.

Because where we live shapes us. And how we live makes us. It starts with a choice: to rent better, to find your freedom, and to choose a place where you know you can belong.

That’s what it means to Get Living.

Our achievements

We are proud to have been recognised for our pioneering approach and ongoing commitment to improving the renting experience with several awards.

Our trophy shelf includes several ‘Landlord of the Year’ from RESI as well as industry awards from EG and UKAA. As part of our commitment to our Net Zero targets, we were awarded a five star rating with GRESB – an internationally recognised benchmark for sustainability.

Recognition from our residents means the most and we pride ourselves on our Homeviews Awards, which are solely based on customer reviews.

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