Living in Manchester

Manchester. The home of football, birthplace of Britpop and the world’s first ever railway – with its industrial and eclectic past, this Northern Powerhouse continues to attract innovators and go-getters.

With several big businesses relocating ‘up north’ it’s a popular place for young professionals. The city’s mix of historic red-brick buildings and shimmering new apartment towers offer plenty of options for property to rent in Manchester.

Our neighbourhoods in Manchester

Your guide to living in Manchester

Unlocking Manchester and Salford’s best kept secrets, our team has rounded up their favourite places to eat, drink, play and workout:

Manchester & Salford area guide

In Manchester, people walk with a purpose. Purpose to create, to be a part of the community, to enjoy life. The epicenter of creativity, innovation and entertainment, it’s a hotspot for arts & culture, unforgettable nightlife, one of a kind foodie scene and good vibes all round. They say: in Manchester, we do things differently – let’s join them…

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