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The health and wellbeing of our residents and our employees is our top priority, here you find all our FAQs and updates regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).


East Village: You should take your completed parcel delivery form to 80 Celebration Avenue along with a form of ID, proof of address (tenancy agreement or utility bill) and your building fob to the East Village Management Office at 80 Celebration Avenue.

Elephant Central: Arranging parcel collection has never been easier thanks to the wonderful new, app-based service Bringme. Simply download the app and register. The app will tell you when you have a parcel to collect. Please be aware that for deliveries over a certain size or for fresh food supermarket deliveries, you will need to be at home as we will not be able to hold these for you.

New Maker Yards: If you live in Anvil or Farrier, please use the Renz boxes in the car park – feel free to ask a member of the team if you need any help with this. If you live in any other building, there currently isn’t a service available to you. You must be at home to take any deliveries that are too large to fit in your post box.

Permission must be sought and will only be granted with the following conditions –

East Village: Any curtains that the tenant hangs from the windows of the premises should be white or off-white or alternatively lined with white or off-white lining in order to provide conformity of all window dressings in East Village. Any curtains must be hung on existing rails or poles and no further rails are to be installed. Get Living curtains which are removed are to be stored properly, folded and in a dry and secure place for the duration of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy; the original curtains should be rehung and free from any soiling or creases.

Elephant Central & New Maker Yards: All of our blinds and curtains have been custom selected for your comfort and to best compliment your home. As such, you are not able to change these during the course of your tenancy.

East Village: Curtains are washable at 40 degrees and 1 spot iron. They cannot be tumble dried, bleached nor dry cleaned.

Elephant Central: We would recommend having the curtains dry or steam cleaned before you leave. We can arrange to have this done for you if you wish, please contact us if so.

New Maker Yards: The curtains are dry clean only.

Changes to blinds in Get Living homes are not allowed as this would require modification to the fixtures & fittings.

East Village & New Maker Yards: You are welcome to hang pictures using picture hooks without having to notify us. Single hooks can be used for pictures up to 3kg in weight or 5kg for where two hooks are used. We would advise that the maximum hangings per wall are two. If you exceed this in your home at East Village or New Maker Yards, you will be asked to pay a proportion towards filling the holes and making good the walls at your tenancy end. If the items you wish to hang weigh more than 5kg, we will supply you with guidelines for your reference.

Elephant Central: You will need to make sure that all holes and any resulting damage to the walls have been repaired before the end of your tenancy. Alternatively, the Get Living maintenance team can provide a quote to hang items on the walls. If you use one of our operatives and stay for the full three years of your tenancy, we will not charge for any making good when you leave.

East Village & New Makers Yards: You are free to paint the walls of your home using the paint types we specify. You will be required to paint the walls back to the same standard as when you moved in, unless your tenancy agreement states otherwise.

Elephant Central: The above applies. If you are on a 3 year tenancy and stay for the full three years, we will not charge you for re-decorating back.

Unfortunately Get Living is unable to remove items of furniture. However, you are free to remove and store at your own cost as all furniture is replaced at the end of your tenancy in the condition in which it was supplied. Get Living is not responsible for any costs related to this and reserve the right to charge for the replacement of any missing/damaged furniture.

East Village: We will assist you in supplying replacement lightbulbs for which there will be a charge.

Elephant Central: If any of your ceiling LED bulbs, service cupboard bulbs or bathroom light bulbs break then please contact us and we will arranger to replace these for you.

New Maker Yards: You are expected to supply your own lightbulbs. If you require any assistance fitting them, you may get in touch with the maintenance team.

We have no provisions to provide alternative mattresses or store unwanted items. We would agree to your insuring & storing the item at your own cost. You would also be responsible for returning any item back to the home at the end of your tenancy.

East Village & New Maker Yards: All hobs are induction hobs and will require induction pans. The pans will only work if they are large enough to cover the surface of the ring and there is sufficient contact with the bottom of the pan.

Your inventory and move in report will be emailed out to you within 48 hours of your move in appointment. If you have not received this, please contact us and we will gladly resolve this for you.

You will have 14 days to look over your inventory and notify us of any additions/amendments you feel may be appropriate. If there are multiple additions amendments, please do email us a bullet point list along with any supporting photographs. We will ensure a copy is saved on your file alongside the Check In report. We would also encourage you to keep a copy for your records.

Your water and heating suppliers are fixed and you are therefore not able to switch providers. You may change your electricity provider but we would ask that you notify us of the new provider as and when you vacate the property.

East Village: East London Energy have a 40 year contract in place to supply East Village, the wider Olympic Park and a number of surrounding developments with a district hot water and heating system. Such a system is considered to be more efficient producing lower carbon emissions whilst also benefiting from economies of scale.

Elephant Central: Your home does not have a gas boiler and all hot water is supplied via a central plant room elsewhere on the estate. This is pumped into your home and distributed around your home by your Heat Interface Unit (HIU). EON Energy are contracted to supply the energy used to heat all of the hot water for the estate. As such, your supply agreement with them is to pay for the amount of hot water you consume via your HIU (where your meter is mounted).

New Maker Yards: Your home does not have a gas boiler and all hot water is supplied via a central plant room elsewhere on the estate. This is pumped into your home and distributed around your home by your Heat Interface Unit (HIU). Community Utilities are contracted to supply the energy used to heat all of the hot water for the estate. As such, your supply agreement with them is to pay for the amount of hot water you consume via your HIU (where your meter is mounted).

East Village: Most electric and water meters in East Village homes are located in communal cupboards within your building (though some water meters are located within flat utility cupboards). The communal cupboards are not accessible to residents due to a number of health and safety constraints. Team East Village take monthly readings and pass these across to Get Living monthly at the end of each month. If you would like a reading, please do contact your Relationship Management team and they will be able to confirm details of your most recent readings along with your serial number.

Elephant Central & New Maker Yards: Both your hot and cold water supply meters are located in your service cupboard for you to check at your convenience. Your mains electricity meter is in a separate cupboard in your corridor. If you ever require an electricity meter reading, please contact us and we will be happy to send one across.

East Village: At the moment we have a limited number of temporary parking spaces that we are able to allocate to residents moving in. We do not have temporary spaces that we are able to issue to visitors or contractors. There are a number of different parking options available across East Village. We can provide you with a colour coded map from our office which details locations of disabled spaces, private pay-as-you-go spaces or loading bays available across East Village. For longer term parking, we would recommend checking the surrounding multi-storey car park tariffs.

Elephant Central & New Maker Yards: There is no residential parking available.

Please contact your Relationship Management team who will be able to submit the request for you.

East Village: Car parking charges and storage pod charges will be £95 pcm (£120pcm in Victory Plaza)*. Motor bike parking charges will be £30 pcm across the village*. For the space to be allocated, we will issue you with a licence to electronically sign along with a direct debit for monthly payment. There is a three month minimum lease term and a one months’ notice requirement to terminate the parking lease should you choose to. Additionally, fobs and permits would need to be returned.

Elephant Central: A car parking space is charged at £200 pcm. We will issue a fob when you move in to electronically open gates.

New Maker Yards: A car parking space is charged at £145 pcm. We will issue a fob when you move in to electronically open gates as well as  a permit to display in your vehicle.

When moving in or moving out, we can offer a short stay unloading/loading parking service. To check availability and make arrangements for this, please contact your Relationship Management team.

*Charges will be subject to annual increases in line with CPI

East Village: If you lose your keys, contact your Relationship Management team and they will arrange a replacement for you. All prices are inclusive of VAT & delivery. Please note, delivery times can vary from 3-10 days depending on the supplier. Door Entry Fobs: £6, Flat Aspex Keys: £19.08, Glutz Fobs: £12.00, RF (undercroft gates) fobs £30.00, DAD Post Box Lock: £23.88, DAD Post Box Key: £20.16, Renz Post Box Lock: £23.40, Renz Post Box Key: £13.68, Safety Letter Box Company: £11.40* Pricing correct as of March 2017.

Elephant Central: Let a member of the team know you have lost your key and we can have one made during the next available business hours. We will need to know the serial numbers of any remaining fobs. The cost of a replacement fob is £12.

New Maker Yards: Please speak to the team over any lost keys of fobs. We can advise of any appropriate cost at the time.

Due to security protocols we are unable to hold keys on behalf of residents for friends or family to collect. If you contact your relationship management team in advance, we are happy to grant access to friend or family member by arrangement and within reason.

East Village: Email your Relationship Management team with the fob reference number and we will arrange for this to be reprogrammed remotely. Please note this may take 24 hours – 3 days. Where access is required to a building we will always try and fast track this where possible.

Elephant Central: Please take your fob to concierge in Raglan House for assistance where we can reprogram this for you. Outside of hours, security can let you into your home until the office re-opens (please have ID ready).

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