Living With Us

When you live with Get Living, you get more – more space, more time and more choice.

More Space … At Home

It starts at home, with more room in every room than renters have come to expect. There’s smart storage in your home, and extra storage available on site. Skis, surfboards, suitcases: keep them close, but out the way. Every home’s got its own private outdoor space too: relax, breathe the fresh air and drink in the view.

More Space … In Your Neighbourhood

With Get Living, if your home isn’t overlooking a park, it’s just next to one. Tranquil waterways to wander along with the dog (pets welcome in most of our homes). Trails to run or cycle. Yoga on the roof terrace or amongst the trees. Bouldering for the brave and room, lots of room, for kids to play. When we say you’ll get out more, we mean it literally.

More Time … In The Week

58 minutes.[1] That’s the average UK commute. Then 58 more minutes back (and it’s longer in London). Not when you live with Get Living. All our homes are in brilliantly connected neighbourhoods, so getting in – and getting back – is far quicker. Whether you love to lie-in, breakfast big or have an active start, the morning is yours again- and so is the evening.

More Time … At Weekends

DIY. Life admin. Sorting stuff out. Three proven ways to ruin your weekend. So we’re here – on-site – to take care of them. Admin is easy: straightforward paperwork and processes, simple bills and all available on our app and digital platform. You can use that for maintenance too: let us know what needs fixing, and we’ll sort it promptly. So that’s your weekend free for the things that matter.

More Choice … About Where You Live

Three neigbourhoods so far, each with its own character. Hundreds of homes in each one; different sizes, aspects and features. Three collections, providing various interior styles and furniture choices for different tastes and lifestyles. With Get Living, there are simply more options on the table (and more tables to pick from). And we’re here to help find a home that fits your needs.

More Choice … About What You Do

Quiet night out or Big Night In? Yes, you read that right. In our neighbourhoods, you can do both – and plenty in between. Pick a brilliant restaurant for a relaxing meal or join our regular residents’ events. Cocktails in a local bar, or movies under the stars. And if that’s all too much, grab a few essentials from the neighbourhood shops and kick back with your Netflix favourite. Every home has superfast broadband, readily connected.