Our Achievements

We’d proved what was possible…

… and the landscape shifted. New providers entered the market, offering similar promises. With the bar (at last) raised, it was time to go further. We ditched deposits and introduced three-year tenancies as standard. Soon the Government was consulting to make that the law.


We looked outside London…

… bringing the Get Living principles to Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. We choose our sites carefully. They must be places where we can offer more space, more time and more choice, and add something positive to the area and those that live there: shops, services, places to play and relax. They must have the potential to become a Get Living neighbourhood: a brilliant big city neighbourhood, that enhances life and lifestyles without compromising the future.


Making it brilliant

We’re proud of our homes: the architecture, the designer furniture, the light and space. But homes are only part of what makes a place to live brilliant. It’s about experiences, beyond your front door. So we organise events like Big Nights In and outdoor yoga and provide shared spaces like club rooms and rooftop gardens. Things that help our residents do more every day, improve wellbeing and live city life to the full.