During this unprecedented situation, our teams are working remotely where they can and we are supporting our neighbourhoods with critical on-call services only. Please speak to our Relationship Management Team if you need support on-site, use our Get Living App or Contact Us through this site. We will prioritise those in urgent need, so do bear with us during this time. For those with appointments in the coming days, we will be in touch with you directly, please visit our FAQ page. 

The Beginning

Renting Has To Be Better

That was the message we received loud and clear back in 2012, when we asked Londoners for their views on renting. They – you – told us that there needed to be better quality homes, in the locations people wanted to live. No more gloomy box rooms. No more absentee landlords and unexpected fees. We heard the negatives, and looked at how we could turn them into positives for you…

More Time, More Space, More Choice

That became our guiding principle, and we set out to give London renters all of it. Because with more time, more space and more choice, you can do more. First, in 2013 in East Village – a buzzing neighbourhood with loads going on, plus over 2,000 newly built homes for rent, brighter, smarter and more stylish than Londoners had come to expect. Then in Elephant Central, bringing all the same values to a completely different neighbourhood.


We Made Sure Everything Was Simple

We got rid of fees and cut the legal-speak out of our contracts. We appointed a dedicated onsite team in each neighbourhood, not just to look after the public spaces but to support residents too. They appreciated it, and so did our peers. In 2015, we picked up our first Landlord of the Year award. (We’ve now got three more – yet don’t really see ourselves as landlords: we’re in the experience business).