How to get the most out of renting in your city

New city, new area, new apartment? Don’t panic, we’ve put together a series of guides to get you acquainted with the new place you’ll call home.

Our team of local experts have rounded up their pick of the best places to eat, drink, workout and be inspired by arts and culture all tried and tested. Yes, it’s a hard a job, but someone had to do it. 

London Area Guides

East London

East London’s love language is waking up to quacking ducks on the canal, strolling to Brick Lane market with a bagel in hand, attending a mending workshop in Hackney the afternoon, having dinner on a boat on the River Lee, and ending the night in a neon-lit speak-easy in Hoxton. From Stratford to Shoreditch, start falling head-over-heels…

South London

Where else can you find parks with dinosaurs and bars in car parks where the people come for a staircase selfie, among award-winning museums, galleries galore and renowned skateparks? Head south of the river and discover the same richness and diversity as you’ll find on Stormzy’s and Adele’s album tracks…

Manchester Area Guide

Manchester & Salford

In Manchester, people walk with a purpose. Purpose to create, to be a part of the community, to enjoy life. The epicenter of creativity, innovation and entertainment, it's a hotspot for arts & culture, unforgettable nightlife, one of a kind foodie scene and good vibes all round. They say: in Manchester, we do things differently – let’s join them…