During this unprecedented situation, our teams are working remotely where they can and we are supporting our neighbourhoods with critical on-call services only. Please speak to our Relationship Management Team if you need support on-site, use our Get Living App or Contact Us through this site. We will prioritise those in urgent need, so do bear with us during this time. For those with appointments in the coming days, we will be in touch with you directly, please visit our FAQ page. 

Meet the team


Executive Team

Rick de Blaby Rick de Blaby

Rick de Blaby

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Hyatt Greg Hyatt

Greg Hyatt

Chief Financial Officer

Christian Armstrong Christian Armstrong

Christian Armstrong

Director of Brand, Product & Technology

Richard Harbard Richard Harbard

Richard Harbard

Chief Property Officer

Sylvana Young Sylvana Young

Sylvana Young

Chief Design Officer

Ian Gibbs Ian Gibbs

Ian Gibbs

Director of Neighbourhoods

Business Support

Emily Alexander Emily Alexander

Emily Alexander

Head of Corporate Affairs

Eoin Thomas Eoin Thomas

Eoin Thomas

Neighbourhood Engagement and Events Manager

Mamaddie Keimbe Mamaddie Keimbe

Mamaddie Keimbe

HR Officer

Sarah Terry Sarah Terry

Sarah Terry

Executive Assistant

Daisy Callari Daisy Callari

Daisy Callari

Events Coordinator


Antoinette Bucknor Antoinette Bucknor

Antoinette Bucknor

Head of Finance

Ashley Barton Ashley Barton

Ashley Barton

Head of Financial Planning and Analysis

Lauren Bowler Lauren Bowler

Lauren Bowler

Group Financial Reporting Manager

Amy Griffiths-Beven Amy Griffiths-Beven

Amy Griffiths-Beven

Management Accountant

Tasos Tentis Tasos Tentis

Tasos Tentis

Accounts Supervisor

Oliver Ridgill Oliver Ridgill

Oliver Ridgill

Finance Analyst

Satbir Virdee Satbir Virdee

Satbir Virdee

Finance Analyst

Leandra Alexander-Cotter Leandra Alexander-Cotter

Leandra Alexander-Cotter

Finance Analyst

Brunelle Bonsu Brunelle Bonsu

Brunelle Bonsu

Credit Controller

Brian Mpawaenda Brian Mpawaenda

Brian Mpawaenda

Accounts Assistant

Lauren Crilley Lauren Crilley

Lauren Crilley

Accounts Assistant

Munni Shela Munni Shela

Munni Shela

Accounts Assistant

Omar Hussain Omar Hussain

Omar Hussain

Finance Admin Assistant

Nick Smith Nick Smith

Nick Smith

Procurement Manager

Brand Experience

Maria Read Maria Read

Maria Read

Head of Marketing

Steven Osei Steven Osei

Steven Osei

Head of Brand Experience & Partnerships

Gizelle Noronha Gizelle Noronha

Gizelle Noronha

Marketing Manager

Victoria Cook Victoria Cook

Victoria Cook

Brand Communications Manager

Azelea Cheung Azelea Cheung

Azelea Cheung

Brand Experience Manager

Paris Wynter Paris Wynter

Paris Wynter

Social Media & Content Executive

Akber Mehmood Akber Mehmood

Akber Mehmood

Data & Systems Specialist

Abul Ali Abul Ali

Abul Ali

Technology Manager

Design & Development

Tom Hyslop Tom Hyslop

Tom Hyslop

Real Estate Asset Manager

John Inglis John Inglis

John Inglis

Design Project Manager

Mark Collins-Mendoza Mark Collins-Mendoza

Mark Collins-Mendoza

Interiors Project Manager

Tariq Mukadam Tariq Mukadam

Tariq Mukadam

Design project Manager

Jade Williams Jade Williams

Jade Williams

Interiors Project Manager

East Village

Sophie Danes Sophie Danes

Sophie Danes

Head of Operations

Matthew Stansfield Matthew Stansfield

Matthew Stansfield

Lettings Manager

Collene Doherty Collene Doherty

Collene Doherty

Head of Relationship Management

Kirsty Nolan Kirsty Nolan

Kirsty Nolan

Head of Relationship Management

Paula Smith Paula Smith

Paula Smith

Head of Relationship Management

Dipty Patel Dipty Patel

Dipty Patel

Senior Relationship Manager

Nicholas Marston Nicholas Marston

Nicholas Marston

Senior Relationship Manager

Ryan Farrelly Ryan Farrelly

Ryan Farrelly

Senior Relationship Manager

Shafiq Mirza Shafiq Mirza

Shafiq Mirza

Senior Relationship Manager

Charlotte Goodyear Charlotte Goodyear

Charlotte Goodyear

Relationship Manager

Daiva Simanauskaite

Night Relationship Manager

Fahad Haq Fahad Haq

Fahad Haq

Relationship Manager

Francesco Vertaglio

Night Relationship Manager

Katarina Slavkovska

Relationship Manager

Kristie Shaw Kristie Shaw

Kristie Shaw

Relationship Manager

Nicola Wallace Nicola Wallace

Nicola Wallace

Relationship Manager

Rikki Lam Rikki Lam

Rikki Lam

Relationship Manager

Shevanah Byant

Night Relationship Manager

Billy Harding

Relationship Manager

Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

General Manager

Billy Harding Billy Harding

Billy Harding

Relationship Manager

Rayah Benett Rayah Benett

Rayah Benett

Relationship Manager

Nimmi Alum Nimmi Alum

Nimmi Alum

Head of Relationship Management

Zainab Fayad Zainab Fayad

Zainab Fayad

Lettings Co-ordinator

Charles Ohuruogo Charles Ohuruogo

Charles Ohuruogo

Relationship Manager

Sonia Andrisani Sonia Andrisani

Sonia Andrisani

Relationship Manager

Claire Oki Claire Oki

Claire Oki

Senior Relationship Manager

Annemarie Allen Annemarie Allen

Annemarie Allen



Angel Stoyanov Angel Stoyanov

Angel Stoyanov

Head of Maintenance

Scott Holder Scott Holder

Scott Holder

Senior Relationship Manager

Chantal Etheve Chantal Etheve

Chantal Etheve

Relationship Manager

Jasmine Best Jasmine Best

Jasmine Best

Relationship Manager

Sean Barrett Sean Barrett

Sean Barrett

Maintenance Administrator

Besrat Yemane Besrat Yemane

Besrat Yemane

Maintenance Coordinator

Kevin Rigby Kevin Rigby

Kevin Rigby


Mark Lerpiniere Mark Lerpiniere

Mark Lerpiniere


Valerijus Stepanovas Valerijus Stepanovas

Valerijus Stepanovas

Painter and Decorator

Vitalij Zinkevic Vitalij Zinkevic

Vitalij Zinkevic

Painter and Decorator

Michal Karbowski Michal Karbowski

Michal Karbowski

Painter & Decorator

Zoran Zlatanov Zoran Zlatanov

Zoran Zlatanov

Painter & Decorator

Luke Belsham Luke Belsham

Luke Belsham


Blair Tracey Blair Tracey

Blair Tracey

General Handyman

Zbigniew Szafranski Zbigniew Szafranski

Zbigniew Szafranski


Elephant Central

Jane Reeves Jane Reeves

Jane Reeves

General Manager

Danielle Nicholls

Senior Relationship Manager

Luana Rocha Luana Rocha

Luana Rocha

Senior Relationship Manager

Alexis David Alexis David

Alexis David

Senior Relationship Manager

Cordelia Lynch Cordelia Lynch

Cordelia Lynch

Relationship Manager

James Brown James Brown

James Brown

Relationship Manager

Elliot Simpson Elliot Simpson

Elliot Simpson

Relationship Manager

Kristan Coote Kristan Coote

Kristan Coote

Relationship Manager

New Maker Yards

Kim Quickfall Kim Quickfall

Kim Quickfall

General Manager

John Hards John Hards

John Hards

Head of Relationship Management

Joshua Gent Joshua Gent

Joshua Gent

Relationship Manager

Selina Ong Selina Ong

Selina Ong

Relationship Manager

Shane Quickfall Shane Quickfall

Shane Quickfall

Maintenance Team

Sophie Bottomley Sophie Bottomley

Sophie Bottomley