Our Social Value

Nurturing Sustainable Neighbourhoods

We’re not just changing renting for the better; our neighbourhoods create wider social, environmental and economic benefits – also known as social value – for local and surrounding communities.

Everyone has a stake in social value creation – us, our residents, local communities and councils – and we know we must continually invest in our neighbourhoods to nurture this. Our role is to support local employment and local suppliers, become civic family members of the communities in which we operate, while pursuing a green and sustainable agenda.

Long Term Relationships

Neighbourhoods anchored in their locality, that are sensitive to the local environment, are more vibrant places to live and where people choose to live for longer. Social value creation then grows through the lifetime of a neighbourhood, as relationships are built and partnerships are forged.

We are backed by long-term investors who share our values and who want to see our neighbourhoods continue to grow and thrive. We continually strive to support and enable social value creation; first at East Village, the former London 2012 Athletes’ Village, and now across the UK.

Inspiring Communities Fund

Since 2015 we’ve distributed more than £100,000 to brilliant local organisations in and around East Village and Elephant and Castle.

Through our Inspiring Communities Fund we distribute grants to support the local communities in and surrounding our neighbourhoods to build community togetherness, improve health and wellbeing and engage local residents, particularly children and young people, in arts and cultural activities.

A wide variety of projects have been supported including a community choir, music classes for children and young people, basketball sessions and health and wellbeing workshops.

SportsAid – supported since 2015

Our Get Living story started at the former London 2012 Athletes’ Village and, reflecting that sporting heritage, we’ve annually supported 10 promising young athletes during the critical early stages of their careers.

Each athlete receives an annual £1,000 award which contributes towards costs such as travel, accommodation and equipment. This year, our athletes live in and around London and Manchester.


E20 Football Foundation

The E20 Football Foundation offers children, young people and adults of all backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to enjoy free football coaching six days a week at Chobham Academy in East Village.

Get Living first met its founder, Jonathan Silman, in 2014 as a young dad playing football with his son in Victory Park. With a background in sports coaching, Jonathan soon found other children joining them for a kick around, which sparked an idea.

Jonathan spoke to Get Living about supporting Sunday morning sessions on the football pitches of East Village’s Chobham Academy and soon after we became the E20 Football Foundation’s founding sponsor.

Visit http://www.e20-ff.co.uk/ to find out more.