Top interior design trends for 2024

January 4, 2024

Embracing the dawn of a new year invites a refreshing perspective on our homes, encouraging us to contemplate the evolution of our living spaces. This is an opportune moment to weave together the threads of practicality and aesthetics, crafting a space that seamlessly aligns with our individual lifestyles. Yet, let’s face it – the dynamic world of interiors can be overwhelming. It inundates us with a barrage of ideas, products, and the latest frills for our homes. As we navigate these design currents and the whirlwind of possibilities, let’s unravel 2024’s top 3 interior design trends. We’ll explore how we can seamlessly infuse these elements into our homes to shape spaces that resonate with our unique tastes and preferences.

1. Move over grey…brown and ochre are about to become your next statement colours

Brown and ochre you say? Sounds a little scary to think about infusing these timeless yet often underestimated hues into your home, right? Fear not – from butterscotch to rich tobacco, chocolate and caramel tones, these gorgeous palettes have the power to elevate your space into a warm cocoon of understated luxury, oozing richness and warmth. You may be thinking – this sounds rather 70’s – and yes, it does! Although, we’re not talking 70’s psychedelic brown print curtains and stringy rugs. We’re focusing on layering earthy warm browns, ochres and terracotta in diverse textures. We could start with a warm sisal rug (my go to affordable piece to instantly add interest to a room), paired with a vintage armchair adorned in rich caramel velvet. Complement this with a mossy green, natural linen sofa and pull it all together with a vintage chrome statement lamp (chrome is poised to be centre stage for lighting finishes in the coming year, a trend I’m rather excited about). Little Greene Paint has put together a new colour palette called Sweet Treats which marries the yummiest tones mentioned above in one palette!

No need to run before you can walk by drenching your walls in floor to ceiling brown. Whilst this can look beautiful in historical homes with many architectural features, consider introducing these hues delicately in smaller spaces. Add interest and depth with different shades of neutrals, lightly sprinkled with pale blue and muted red accents across cushions and lamps. Explore the world of antique furniture, an often affordable and sustainable option which can be picked up for a steal at markets and on eBay. Consider furniture pieces with rich ebony and walnut stains – think about a vintage desk or a charming bobbin table or stool serving as a stylish side table. And don’t forget leather – be it the real deal or vegan which can instantly transform an armchair or ottoman.

2. All the curves and swerves

The embrace of curved, organic and softer shapes that would have undoubtedly graced your Instagram feed throughout 2023 is poised to extend its influence in the coming year – I’m a massive fan of curvy waves, wiggles and swirls! Arches and scallops adorned many homes over the past year and I expect this trend to not just stick around but gear up for a resurgence in 2024. Anticipate even more intricate, organic shapes and billowy curves as boundaries are pushed to explore all kinds of undulating details – curves not only limited to tables / desktops but continuing onto legs too as well as lamp bases, artwork, mirrors and more. I also expect we’ll see further variations of unusual, asymmetrical shapes being incorporated into many facets of home décor. This includes lighting, rugs and home accessories which adds a sense of interest and quirk that brings fluidity and softness.

These softer shapes also lend well to natural materials, pairing beautifully with rattan, wicker and wool. Too much of a good thing can have an opposite effect though – make sure you strike a balance and temper curvaceous pieces with structured elements and straight lines to ground a space; ensuring that a swooping floor lamp and a curved armchair find harmony alongside a more linear sofa, for example.

3. Imperfectly perfect interiors

Hooray for effortlessly imperfect, relaxed interiors! We’re seeing a shift from the bygone days of meticulously styled spaces with a sense of rigidity and “mandatory” colour coordination. Bid adieu ultra-polished, mega-minimalist interiors and embrace playing with textures, unusual objects and spaces that exude comfort and authenticity. Add personality and charm and consider using corduroy on soft furnishings, merino wool as curtain fabric and seagrass as a cushion for your feet. Allow rugs to embrace a natural fray around the edges, curate art that really means something to you and fuss less over it all feeling too perfect. Dying to put old family photos on the wall? Slide them into slim timber frames with an oversized border arranged vertically in a set of two. Then, in front of this and ideally in a corner, position a vintage Danish armchair swathed in your favourite cosy blanket. Finish off the trio with a lacquered stool you picked up at a vintage market which doubles as a side table.

Play around with trimmings and edgings. I do love adding a trim or tassel to cushions, it just adds personality and a little intrigue. Many offcuts can be picked up on Etsy and if you’re after discounted fabric from some of the leading names in textile design, browse Haines Collection for surplus fabric which can be used to make cushion covers and reupholster chairs with.

It has never been easier to create a relaxed, undone look thanks to the accessibility of online vintage and second-hand stores. Among my personal favourites is the treasure trove that is Facebook Marketplace. While a fair amount of scrolling commitment is required, the vintage gems waiting to be discovered at excellent prices are second to none. I also love having a gander on Vinterior, Pamono and Selency, as well as exploring local vintage markets. Local to Manchester, keep a look out for Rare Finds who host regular flea markets around Manchester and Insitu Manchester who have a gorgeous selection of antiques and salvaged items. You could also drive or catch the train to Agapanthus Interiors in Stockport for an array of vintage gems (they’re online too though!). Shopping this way introduces a conscious mindset towards home purchases, encouraging us to extend the lifecycle of products and explore the art of repurposing. This is less a “trend” and more a shift toward conscious buying, one that we should all be thinking about.

As you can see, we have an exciting pipeline of trends in the interior’s world for 2024. Have fun embracing warmer tones and keep an eye out for organic, soft shapes across all homeware. Most importantly though, trends should serve as a guide to enable you to fearlessly create a space that is comfortable, sustainable and authentically YOU.

Bianca Serrao Jones

Bianca Serrao Jones, founder of The Home Reform, an Interior Design Studio nestled in South East London, transforms residential spaces with an emphasis on classic British style blended with vibrant splashes of colour and playful touches that showcase her passion for design and creativity.

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