Family-friendly design tips from Wayne Hemmingway

Given that residents of Get Living’s homes at East Village E20 are free to put a personal stamp on their homes, changing the colors of the walls and hanging pictures, we’ve asked leading designer Wayne Hemingway for some top tips on how to decorate rooms for kids – here’s what he said:

Give your children a say

“It’s amazing how kids can have such strong views and opinions about style from a very early age. As part of their early creative education, encourage them to have a say on the style of their room, and what they want from it. Consult with them so they feel a sense of ownership over their space and then there is a chance that they will take a natural pride in keeping it tidy! Taste and design is a crucial part of the learning process. Just as too much bad food and TV can have a negative effect, so can bad taste – all homes should be visually exciting and pleasing!

It’s all about storage

“For kids’ bedrooms in particular, storage is key. Opt for beds with storage underneath, and really use every possible space you can. We found that kids can become blasé about their toys if they have access to all of them at once, so we made sure most of them were tucked away when they were not playing with them. Make full use of walls and floors; blackboard paint is a great way to encourage your children’s creativity, and wall stickers are the perfect way to add immediate character when you’re restricted on painting and decorating.

Utilise the outdoors

“For us one of the most stimulating things for the family has been integrating the outdoors into our daily living. Kids need to get rid of energy, so I would say encourage them to run around and spend time in the fresh air, play sport or simply encourage them to get growing things on a balcony. The residents at Get Living London are extremely lucky because they have that outside space in abundance. Living in parkland; what better way for families to enjoy a new home together!”

Get Living and Hemingway Design

Get Living appointed acclaimed designers Wayne Hemingway MBE, Gerardine Hemingway MBE and Tilly Hemingway to lead in the furnishing and interior design for its first range of homes at East Village.

HemingwayDesign’s creative guidance allowed Get Living to set new standards of design and furnishings in the rental market. Benefitting from a higher investment than properties with more traditional landlords, each Get Living home was designed to reflect the future residents’ stylish and cosmopolitan lifestyles; perfect for a family home rather than just another rented house!

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