Eco-conscious chefs with a good sense of humour are Manchester’s most desirable flatmates

November 4, 2021
  • A poll of 1,000 people in Manchester has revealed the top traits for a flatmate
  • Peter Kay, Michelle Keegan, Marcus Rashford and Cristiano Ronaldo top the list of Mancunians’ ideal celebrity flatmates
  • It comes as New Maker Yards, a Get Living neighbourhood, launches an immersive play with Hope Mill Theatre celebrating Manchester’s culture and community
  • Play-goers end their experience with a free pint or burger at Seven Bro7hers

1 November 2021: If you’re a decent cook, know how to separate your plastics from your cardboard and have a good sense of humour, then you’re in luck – you’re one of the most desirable flatmates in Manchester.

In a poll of 1,000 people from Manchester, those who can work from home without making a racket, give you some of their leftover takeaway, and don’t mind throwing a house party also came out as the best traits people in the city look for when choosing who they live with. Other top traits include being older than 32 and taller than six feet, a Manchester United fan, not flashy with their stuff, and a dog person.

Top 25 qualities in a flatmate

1.     Clean and tidy

2.     A sense of humour

3.     Can accurately split the bills

4.     Recycles properly

5.     Hard-working

6.     A good cook

7.     Can fix things in the flat

8.     Good taste in TV

9.     Is quiet when they work from home

10.  They read

11.  Gets a takeaway in and lets you have some

12.  Generous with money

13.  Over the age of 32


14.  Disciplined about food

15.  Has a dog

16.  A good dress sense

17.  Has a cat

18.  Doesn’t mind house parties

19.  A Man United fan

20.  Interested in fashion

21.  Goes to the gym at least three times a week

22.  Between 30-32 years old

23.  A Man City fan

24.  Between 24-26 years old

25.  Between 21-23 years old


The poll was commissioned by Get Living, which operates and rents homes New Maker Yards at Middlewood Locks, a pet-friendly neighbourhood conveniently located between Manchester and Salford city centres.

This autumn, Get Living launched a further 500 fully-furnished new homes to rent and an additional amenity space for residents to use for co-working: The Lock. The Lock is also home to Salford 92 Degrees’, its second coffee shop in Greater Manchester.

Elsewhere in the poll, comedian Peter Kay, actress Michelle Keegan, comedian Jason Manford and footballing stars Marcus Rashford and Cristiano Ronaldo emerged as the celebrity Manchester-dwellers people most want to share a home with.

The survey comes as New Maker Yards hosts an immersive play by Manchester’s award-winning Hope Mill Theatre troupe… but rather that hosting it in their Pollard Street home, the play will be held in the brand-new luxury flats of the neighbourhood.

Titled ‘Mates’, the play will celebrate the city’s culture and lifestyle, featuring immersive mediations, comedy and a house party complete with techno DJ and a photo booth. Ticketholders to the free play can finish off the experience by enjoying a free pint or burger at Seven Bro7thers Beerhouse.

Elsewhere in the poll, three quarters (75%) said Manchester was friendlier than any other city, with 138,935 Mancunians* claiming they never want to move out of the city. The top three most popular neighbourhoods in Manchester include the Northern Quarter, Spinningfields and Salford, the latter of which are within a 10 minute walk of New Maker Yards. Furthermore, almost a third (31%) thought the city’s best feature was the fact there’s so much going on despite it being less expensive than London.

For its new homes at New Maker Yards, Get Living has partnered with ideal flatmate, the match-making platform for renters. Commenting on the results of the survey, Tom Gatzen, Co-Founder at ideal flatmate said: “When it comes to what people look for in a flatmate, this survey showed that in Manchester, it is all about having a great time and living with people you can build a friendship with outside the barriers of a standard flatmate relationship.

“It is clear the people of Manchester value social qualities and spending time with people that can make them laugh and bond with over the same taste in TV programmes, all while eating a home-made meal. That said, my advice would be to ensure that you live with people you can see yourself spending time with rather than just passing each other in the corridor.”

Kim Quickfall, general manager of New Maker Yards at Get Living, said: “Our residents are always up for a good time, and with 500 new homes available to rent this winter, we wanted to showcase what living at New Maker Yards is all about. We’re delighted to be working with the incredible Hope Mill Theatre to take this immersive play out of the theatre and into our living rooms.”

Find homes available at New Maker Yards with Manchester apartments for rent with flexible tenancies and Wi-Fi included.


*Subject to referencing and terms and conditions.

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