TREEHAUS – D-Lab Summer School 2022

Calling all aspiring architects and designers – Join us and together we will explore natural systems to help us design and create a Tree House concept for the Olympic Park Wetlands. We will research and innovate new ways of building our world for better planetary health.

A^3 is an architecture & design programme in East Village with the aim to help people explore career paths into architecture and design.

D’Lab’s programme includes the opportunity to learn digital skills, experience one to one mentoring, visit construction sites and architects’ places of work, design work and build up a portfolio.

The Treehouse Brief

The brief will be to design a tree house that allow humans, animals and plants to exist and thrive. Through education of biomimicry and biophilia, we can better understand how to create healthy living systems. Lessons and insights learned from the workshops will help develop problem solving skills in the form of design challenges.

Treehaus is aimed at those wishing to pursue architecture but others in creative industries are welcome to participate.


Sign up for the Treehaus Summer School via D-Lab.

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East Village, London


Start Time: 11:00 am
Finish Time: 4:00 pm
Location: The Lab E20

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