About Canopy and RentPassport™

Canopy is a start-up company that is looking to help renters and landlords work more effectively together. Canopy has created RentPassport™ to simplify the application process and the management of ongoing tenancies by providing both residents and landlord with a secure and streamlined way of exchanging details.

Get Living uses Canopy’s RentPassport™ referencing service to improve the referencing experience for our new applicants and residents. Canopy also supports renters in improving their credit rating by recording rental payments as the equivalent financial commitment to a mortgage. Our aim is to have all our residents sign up to the app so that they can benefit from the Canopy RentPassport™ and take advantage of its future developments.

For security deposits, Get Living has its own criteria outlined in our terms and conditions. You can therefore ignore the deposit insurance messages within the app.

Find out more about what Canopy RentPassport™ is.

What does a Rent Passport involve?

The Rent Passport is your digital rental history. In other words, it is a standard set of information that Canopy checks and stores against your profile. It does a number of the ID, credit and fraud checks that we currently undertake, but via an app. It scores your profile, so that current and prospective landlords can see your ability to pay and your reliability as a renter. You are in control of how much data you share and who has access to it through the app’s settings.

How does Canopy RentPassport™ benefit residents?

Residents and prospective residents benefit as:

  1. It reduces the administrative burden on applicants and residents; allowing shorter turnaround times for new contracts, renewals, changes of sharer and – where this applies – the return of your security deposit.
  2. Rent is recorded as a financial commitment, helping to build a credit record and proving your creditworthiness for when you may wish to move out and get a mortgage, or if you wish to take out a loan, credit card or other financial product. Note, this aspect is currently in development and is hoped to be brought in during 2017.
  3. Your sensitive personal data is shared with us securely.
  4. Building up a Canopy RentPassport™ means that it makes it easier to rent your next property. While we would love for all our residents to stay, we realise that job changes and personal circumstances mean that people move on. For residents who pay their rent in full and on time, we want you to take something positive with you: an improved credit record and a way to demonstrate to your next landlord your suitability as a renter.
  5. There are more developments which will be announced soon, which we believe our residents will also benefit from.

Is my data safe? Will the data be sold on?

Canopy has a comprehensive privacy policy that meets UK standards. Get Living has no access to this data unless you grant it, and such data remains in the app unless we collect it by other means in our interactions with you, which is covered by our own privacy policy.

Your data will not be used for anything other than the purposes stated in the app. Canopy and Get Living do not sell residents’ personal data.

Do I have to sign up to get my deposit returned?

If you are looking to reclaim your deposit from us, part of the process will be a credit check. If you are signed up to Canopy’s RentPassport™, it is a very simple process.

Why am I being asked about deposit insurance?

RentPassport™ offers a deposit insurance product which is not relevant for the majority of our applicants and can therefore be disregarded. On application, Get Living uses credit score and other referencing criteria to determine whether we will take a security deposit. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.