Essential interior design trends for winter time

December 8, 2021

Layering, boucle and ‘Grandmillennial’ style: key winter home décor looks explained

With a chill in the air and the twinkling lights all around, it’s time to bring a little festive magic inside and make your living space cosy and winter ready. There are some beautiful interior design trends and easy home improvements that are hot for winter and will keep you snug as a bug in a designer rug!



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Layer up

As our mother always told us: “layering is key!” This trend is all about layering patterns, textures, materials and colour for you to lose yourself in during these frosty months. So get busy by scattering your cosy spaces with thick patterned soft furnishings – think throws, rugs and cushions. Introduce furniture made from different materials and textures like a statement velvet accent chair and drape it in a woven or faux fur throw. Blankets and rugs should be seen, not hidden away in cupboards. Don’t be afraid to mix colours or textures. The more the better.



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Rich, earthy tones

A change of colour or tone this season can make a huge impact! Rich navy blue always takes hold in Vogue over winter. But other colour trends include lavender hues, soft earthy clay colours, rich mustards, pale pinks, natural green shades and soft reds and terracotta burnt oranges that will make your space feel warmer and more comfortable. Utilise these richer, earthier tones by updating your feature wall, your soft furnishings, or in seasonal flower displays – real, dried or artificial.



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Granny chic

Picture lots of warm colours, textures and patterns that create that homely, cosy feel we’ll all remember from childhood. Look at your living space and throw in a classic shaped armchair accessorised with a frilly cushion or two, soft velvet fringed lampshades, patchwork throws,  some crocheted and/or embroidered items and viola you have achieved the ‘Grandmillennial’ look that the likes of House Beautiful and LivingEtc are celebrating.

The perfect combination of vintage and modern-day design – this winter décor will have you feeling all nostalgic as you enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and stare out across the glittering, chilly city scape.



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Boucle furniture

You may have noticed a lot of furnishings of late covered in a woolly texture that resembles the fur of your favourite teddy bear. It’s called ‘boucle’ and is currently all the rage for adding warmth and character to a room. You can drape over armchairs, the backs of sofas bringing in a really soft, tactile and cosy feel. This super-cute winter trend is often found in off-white – have a look around and you’ll find many stores stocking boucle-clad furnishings, including Dunelm who recently launched a whole range of furniture adorned in the cosy fabric.



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All of the lights

A simple way to make your room feel like a cosy cabin in the alps on a budget, is to fill your space with string lights, fairy lights or battery operated tealights. Placed in a clear glass jar, a lantern or a terrarium, they really help create an irresistible feeling of intimacy and warmth and a sense of calm on dark winter evenings, whatever size of the room.

Place them in clusters around various parts of the room – create a cute reading nook – and your space will offer a reassuring and sumptuous glow. Similarly to create that cosy dimly-lit atmosphere why not swap the bulbs in your lamps for vintage ones that not only look pretty but offer you a soothing, rich warm glow, perfect lighting as you sip a hot chocolate or red wine…



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Pimp your plants

Having read our guide to house plants, we’re sure your homes are all now full to the brim with lovely green goodness! Having plants in your home can be a real mood booster, especially at this time of year. Give your foliage and festive update by wrapping battery-operated fairy lights to create a beautiful display; not only will it make draping plants look even more desirable, it will create soothing pops of light around the room.

If you fancy adding winter indoor plants to your environment, here are a few of our favourites:

  • Poinsettias with their lush red petals are a Christmas staple and will most definitely set the right seasonal mood
  • The Christmas cactus (or schlumbergera) is a plant that hails from Brazil. As it thrives in humid spaces, we suggest placing it in your kitchen or bathroom and watch it flower
  • Azalea shrubs can add to the festiveness of your space – purchase varieties such as Rhododendron ‘Christmas Cheer’ which flowers in arrays of pretty pink, rosy red and soft white.



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Stay toasty on your balcony

As an extension of your living space, all the above trends and tips can be transferred to your balcony. Store thick woollen blankets in wicker baskets, so every time you step outside to brave the winter frost, you can wrap up warm as you watch the sun set or look out across the neighbourhood to see all the twinkling lights winking at you from your neighbours’ windows.

If you have seating on your balcony, drape it with fur throws and add big soft cushions made from thick fabrics  – but don’t forget to put them away at night so you don’t wake up to them feeling damp from overnight frost. And again the fairy lights will also make a lovely addition outside be it in the glass jars or drapped on your balcony edge with decorative string lights.

So you’ve read our tips, now it’s over to you to piece together your winter wonderland. Then grab a cuppa, hunker down, and get ready for a fabulous festive period.

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