5 simple steps to make your rental feel like home

March 13, 2021

Congratulations on your shiny new pad – and welcome to the Get Living community! So, you’re in. You’ve got some fancy new furniture (thanks to GL’s fully-furnished set-up) now it’s time to make your pad all your own – and let your personality shine through.

1. Go slow - make gradual changes to your place

Take your time,  enjoy living day-to-day in your (gorgeous) new space, see how the light falls in, what you’re using on an everyday basis, how you’re chilling, entertaining, sleeping, showering and getting dressed, for a bit – you’ll soon realise what’s lacking, the things you need and things you’d really like.

Start writing a ‘shopping’ list as it becomes clear what your space is lacking: Need somewhere to store the hairdryer that’s close to a mirror and a plug-point… need a laundry basket in the bathroom… you’d like to create some ambient lighting in the lounge for evening time…

This way you can assess what’s priority.

It’ll also stop you buying ‘stuff’ for the sake of it, or things that you don’t really love.

2. Home storage is key

An organised home, where everything has a place instils an undoubted sense of calm. It’s much easier to relax with everything put away – it also makes getting out of the house in the morning a much simpler affair.

Create a tidy space by organising your belongings. There’s not much sexy about the word ‘storage’ but it really is a game changer. There’s no need to have unsightly wires and cables hanging out all over the place… Or clothes airers once the clothes are aired… or damp towels… or three-week-old Sunday supplements.

Start with storage, make sure everything has a home, then once your place is in order and you’re feeling all zen (and maybe a little bit smug too – and why not) you can start to consider the more exciting factors that will make your swanky pad feel like you.

3. Shine a light on it

Two words: ambient lighting.

Nothing sets a mood quicker than some expertly placed lamps and candles. And the best thing about it is, you don’t actually need to be an expert to make this come to fruition. In your living space turn off the main lights and decide where a warm glow from a lamp (or three) would work best. Then the fun part – shop for dream lamps. If you want something not on the high street, why not check out E-bay or find a local antiques store, flea markets or charity shops for some interesting lamp bases and then buy gorgeous shades to top them with?

They’ll be a conversation starter (for all the right reasons) and add a very personal touch to your space.

Add as many as you see fit. Then repeat in all rooms. Lamp in the kitchen? Why the devil not.  It’ll add a luxe-touch for sure. It’s also a great way to inject colour into spaces. And as for candles – go scented, always, so that warm twinkle fills the whole home with your favourite fragrance.



4. Your home is your canvas

With ‘usual’ rentals the no paint/no nails rules can sometimes feel a bit limiting. But Get Living is not your usual rental and residents are encouraged to make their space feel like their own. Obviously knocking walls down aside… adding a touch of colour or some much loved artwork to your space will immediately make it feel all the more personal.

If you’re keen and financially able to get yourself on the art-buying ladder, then – CONGRATS. Businesses like the Affordable Art Fair have made buying pieces of art much more accessible to the masses, with process starting from just £50 for a one-off (yes, really).

ALSO, we live in a major city, a breeding ground of young cool artists – illustrators, print makers. You’re probably already following some on your insta-feed; many of whom sell their works on their insta-stores.

Don’t overlook gallery gift shops for gorgeous art-prints and posters from as little as £20 that look brilliant once framed.

5. Mix it up with trinkets and antique finds

This is your space, you’ve made it happen – sprinkle your personality over it as you see fit. Soft furnishings – cushions, rugs, throws and curtains add instant personality, colour and warmth.

Showcase trinkets from your travels. Yes, you can have that drinks trolley. Yes, you can create an indoor garden – plants are of course totally in vogue but also have such mood boosting benefits.

Books, antique finds… things your mama gave ya’. It doesn’t have to cost the earth. Enjoy dressing your home. It’s yours, an ever-evolving space – your home sweet home.

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