Why renting is BRILLIANT

August 13, 2020

We all like flexibility nowadays. Pay as you go gyms, working from home, pick-and-mix subscription services and build-to-rent homes are so hot right now.

We polled over 3,000 21-35 year olds to find out how millennials are living and discovered that 9 out of 10 see the clear advantages of renting and agree that renting an apartment is a better option to fit their lifestyle.

A survey by Ocean finance also found that on average homeowners spent an extra £77,000 over a 25-year period than renters do. That’s a lot of margaritas / houseplants / life-changing holidays… We’re here for that extra £77k and here are some other reasons why we think renting really is the right choice.

1. When something goes wrong, there’s somebody there to help

Sure it’s annoying as hell when your boiler packs up, and you have to wear all your clothes BUT imagine if that happened and you then had to find 6k to get it fixed? That’s a lot of Depop sales.

When you live in a build-to-rent apartment there’s a team of people on hand to help you and get any home problems resolved asap which let’s face it, is always the better option. Get Living’s Resident App allows you to simply and swiftly log maintenance requests so you aren’t left trying to hunt down a seemingly invisible landlord. Plus, actual humans – the Get Living’s relationship management team are available on the phone, email and in-person at the on-site welcome offices, six days a week for any renter advice.

2. Renting a home gives you freedom and options – bonus

Bored of where you live/ex lives down the road and can’t face bumping into them in Pret? Renting means that should you ever want to move on, you can.

If at any point you fancy a change of scenery, like the idea of living in a new city or need to relocate between London > Manchester > London > Manchester, our team can help you move seamlessly and peacefully between sites – with only one month notice required.


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3. If you decide to be part of a flat-share, you’ll enjoy the perks of having flatmates!

Our poll of 1,000 people in Manchester has revealed the most desirable traits for a flatmate. Eco-conscious chefs with a good sense of humour are Manchester’s top picks for flat-share pals. What do you look for in a flatmate?

To avoid pass-agg notes carved into the butter or gross hair-balls left stagnating in the shower we’ve partnered with Ideal Flatmate which provides an ingenious matchmaking service to help you find your perfect live-in-partner.

For our expert insight on house-mate-gate, here are the 6 flatmates you’ll potentially encounter when embarking on a flat-share experience.

4. When you choose to rent you can live somewhere you couldn’t afford to buy

Noticed you don’t see quite as much of some of your friends anymore? That might be because they’ve moved a three bus, two trains and a ‘short’ 35-minute walk from you to get more for their money.

The beauty of renting a home means you get to exist in a city-centre location for less. City centre living also means you get to immerse yourself in all of the F-U-N and culture that buzzing cities have to offer. Living closer to work also means avoiding an epic and treacherous daily commute (CHEER!) and the exorbitant costs that go with peak time travel.

Did you know that Get Living offers the option of no security deposit for those who pass referencing and meet our eligibility criteria. Save that security deposit for yourself. This should keep you HENRY’s* happy. Savvy-renters and savers will enjoy some top tips from our contributing financial expert, Clare Seal on how to sensibly and realistically keep your finances in check.

*HENRY = High Earning Not Rich Yet.


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5. Build-to-rent homes are all set up and ready to go

Trying to avoid the never-ending stress and cost of unfurnished and unrenovated properties?

Get Living’s build-to-rent apartments offer bespoke decoration and furnishing packages, which means your chosen flat will be all fresh and shiny when you move in. Furnishings include pieces from the likes of super-stylish BoConcept – drool! Your high-speed Wi-Fi is all set up and ready to go, plus the lovely All Assistant – EVIE, accessible from your Google Home device or phone is on hand to help you with any further home set-up requirements.

Get Living’s community ethos means that when you rent an apartment there are plenty of groups and events in your area to help you dive right into your new neighbourhood and start making new acquaintances; from dog clubs to running clubs, LGBTQ+ groups and so much more. Just check out what’s happening in your area.

All you need to do is get yourself packed up and moved in, right?  – here is our expert checklist on moving home to alleviate any unnecessary sweat (blood and tears).



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Renting with Get Living

Renting with us is simple and straightforward with standard long-term tenancies and a resident’s only break clause.

Our relationship managers will guide you through the whole renting process, from start to finish. With us there’s no middleman and our on-site team is always there to help once you move in. Speak to a member of the Get Living team today to find a home for rent in London or Manchester.

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