Top 10 houseplants for a happier home

March 8, 2022

Studies have shown that taking care of plants and having them in our homes can help us to feel calmer and relaxed. Not only can our green friends freshen up our interior and make an apartment feel like a home, but they also have the power to increase oxygen levels in our homes, purify the air around us, give us more energy and reduce our levels of anxiety. Say no more.

If you’re looking to create a zen oasis within your four walls, but are feeling nervous about the prospect of plant parenthood (not to be underestimated!) check out our list of, easy, low maintenance indoor house plants that are guaranteed to breathe new life into your home:

1. Snake plant 

The snake plant (pictured left), also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue”, has been described as an almost unkillable plant and thrives in most light conditions.  Brightening up slightly darker rooms and easy propagation are some of the many benefits that make this hardy houseplant is a popular choice for many.

2. Mini Monstera 

Also known as a Swiss cheese plant, the mini Monstera (pictured right) is instantly recognisable with its luscious heart-shaped leaves. This houseplant prefers moist environments so the bathroom makes a pretty ideal home for these. They also tend to get a bit wild so will need trimming back or repotting if it outgrows its surroundings.

3. Devil’s Ivy 

Don’t be fooled by the slightly sinister name – devil’s ivy (or Epipremnum aureum, pictured left) is a low-maintenance houseplant of dreams. This one isn’t fussy about light conditions and caring for devil’s ivy goes as far as watering when the soil is dry.  Easy-peasy right?

4. Kentia Plant 

Transporting us to tropical climates, kentia palms (right) are great for bringing a little sunshine into our homes. This houseplant likes medium light, so keep it in a nice bright spot but out of direct sunlight.


5. Rubber Plant 

This tropical tree on the left boasts thick, glossy leaves that look beautiful in any room. When it comes to rubber plant care, this gorgeous houseplant likes medium light and will benefit from a regular spray with a mister.

6. Chinese Money Plant 

Unfortunately, the name has nothing to do with “money growing on trees”, but it does bring good luck! This plant (pictured right), identifiable by its round coin-like leaves, is ideal for those constantly on the go, as it prefers medium light and only needs to be watered when the soil is completely dry.

7. Ponytail Palm 

Despite its commonly used name, this is not technically a palm but as you can see (left) it does come with its own ponytail of leaves – cute. This houseplant survives well in warmer climates (including centrally heated rooms) which makes it an all-round winner. Ponytail loves its dry soil so plan your watering schedule once every two weeks!

8. Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern (right) is a fantastic decorative plant that also looks great in a hanging basket or sitting pretty on a mantlepiece. Don’t be fooled by its delicate and soft exterior though – this houseplant is a tough cookie that enjoys most light conditions and a little humidity between watering.

9. Fishbone Cactus

Also known as the zig zag cactus (left), this plant is probably the coolest looking of the lot with its jagged stems and wiggly edges. You’ll need a bright room for this plant, but it only needs to be watered very lightly. Once mature, it produces beautiful white flowers too.

10. Peace Lily

If you’re looking for a shade-loving plant then the peace lily (right) is the one for you. This houseplant thrives in partial shade and also likes a bit of humidity. It only needs light watering and is good at coming back to life, even if you forget to water it. It’s a survivor.

How to best care for your houseplants?

Take advice from East London florists and plant-whisperers Grace & Thorn to keep your houseplants looking their very best:

1. Try not to overthink care

People overcomplicate how to look after a plant – don’t panic when you see a brown leaf. It’s not dying – It’s almost like having a split end; just cut it off. Same with watering – if you touch the soil with your finger and it’s dry: water it. If it’s not, don’t. There are a couple of for example, ferns do love to be moist but don’t drench them. Drainage balls or gravel can be useful to draw water away from the plants roots.

2. Deal with pests

If you notice something is nibbling at your plants, or a sticky substance starts to appear on stems and the back of leaves, you may have got yourself a plant pest. A spray mixture of water and vinegar (at about a 5:1 ratio) is a good way to keep these pests in check.

3. Give them space to grow

If you repot and give the plant a bit more room then it will grow bigger, otherwise, you’re restricting growth. We also recommend repotting your house plant with new soil after purchase as it is highly likely that it will need refreshing – soil is plant food, so get a little bag and, every spring, go round and put some topsoil on top of your house plants.

Happy planting!


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