Get Living offers couples the chance to test their summer romances with “Break-Up Clause” in rental contract

August 19, 2020
  • To help couples figure out if they’re compatible this summer, landlord Get Living is introducing a ‘break-up clause’ into rental contracts in case things don’t work out
  • It comes as 4.7m* 18–34-year-olds say they’d move in with their other half just two months after getting together with them
  • Over 80% admit they’ve been put off a partner due to their habits including not cleaning up after cooking and leaving food on the side
  • Get Living offers Love Island couple Mary and Aaron the chance to test their relationship outside the villa by offering them a free home for two months

To help couples having a summer romance, neighbourhood operator Get Living is inviting newbie couples to take the plunge without the risk of being tied into a long rental contract as it introduces a ‘Break-Up Clause’ in case the relationship goes south.

The new clause comes as almost one third (32%) of young professional Brits – a massive 4.7m people – say they’d be up for moving in with a partner within two months of dating, according to a nationwide poll** as Love Island enters its final stretch.

The clause will mean that couples who find they’re not compatible as cohabitants can easily get out of their contract after just eight weeks – the amount of time a quarter of young Brits say it takes to truly know your partner.

Couples willing to take the test as roomies can apply to rent at Get Living’s neighbourhoods in London (East Village, E20 and Elephant Central, SE1) and Manchester (New Maker Yards, M5).

After last year brought so much uncertainty in terms of dating, 50% of Brits say they’re now more likely to move in with someone earlier than before, with three quarters (75%) saying it’s best to know sooner rather than later if they’re compatible when it comes to living together.

Taking this season’s Love Island for example, it’s easy to see how relationship dynamics can quickly change when you’re living together in close proximity. To give loved up couple Mary and Aaron another chance to get their relationship off the ground after being booted off the show, Get Living is offering them the chance to move into their very own home, for free, for the next two months to see if they can make it on the outside.

While things may have all seemed glorious under the Mallorca sun, for Mary and Aaron and other new couples, there should be some warning before committing to moving in together.

Some 87% of people have got ‘the ick’ or have been put off living with a partner after disagreeing over ‘house rules,’ with lack of toilet etiquette (56%) coming out as the top ‘ick’ moment, followed by not cleaning up after cooking (45%) and leaving food out on the side (34%).

That’s exactly why Get Living is offering couples the chance to test their compatibility as roomies and take advantage of the ‘Break-Up Clause’ in the rental contract.

Seven out of ten people (71%) say they see moving in together as the training grounds before committing to buying a property together, and over half (54%) say they delay moving in together due to the big commitment they usually have with rental contracts.

The pandemic has not only changed attitudes to moving in together, but also what they’re looking for in a partner. People are now less likely to look for wealth and an athletic body in their other half compared to pre-pandemic, and are more likely to prioritise looking for someone who has a positive attitude and a caring nature.

Ian Gibbs, Director of Neighbourhoods at Get Living commented: “Moving in with your partner is a big deal, but after spending so much time alone during the pandemic, it seems people are keen to live together as early into a relationship as possible. It’s a real test for couples as you adjust to each other’s way of living. For many of our residents, renting is a really good way to see if it’s going to work ahead of making the bigger commitment of buying a house together.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this added flexibility for new couples at our neighbourhoods this summer and we hope that we’ll see relationships blossom, and that they won’t need to use our brand-new break-up clause.”

Couples interested in the offer should enquire via the Get Living website and quote “break-up clause”. The offer will be available on select studio and one-bedroom apartments reserved before 30 September 2021. Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply.

*32% of 14,704,218 (the amount of 18-34 year olds in the UK according to ONS data)
*Censuswide surveyed 2,457 adults in July 2021.

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