Upcycle, Customise And Repair With Alice Burnhope

Explore how to upcycle, customise and repair garments using 10 different methods. Textiles artist Alice Burnhope will teach embroidery, applique and darning methods to breathe new life into your clothes.

Participants are welcome to bring their garments or choose from the textiles provided. This event welcomes East Village residents, friends and the wider community. Tickets for the upcycling workshop from £70 per person and can be booked below.

Alice Burnhope is an award-winning artist specialising in sustainable design with a mission to lower the impact on the natural environment. Alice was selected for ‘Make It at Cockpit Arts 2021’ and is based at Cockpit Studios in Deptford, London.

This event is a part of the Make Well with Hole & Corner programme held at The Lab E20 at East Village. Keep an eye on other events of the Hole & Corner programme and the latest happening in The Lab E20.

East Village, London


Start Time: 11:00 am
Finish Time: 2:00 pm
Location: The Lab E20

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