Why renting is BRILLIANT.

Let’s face it, we all like flexibility nowadays. Pay as we go gyms, working from home and subscription services we can pick and mix between are all the norm. That sense of freedom and flexibility is now also extending to how we live. We polled over 3,000 21-35 year olds and found out that 9 out of 10 now see the benefits of renting, feeling that it could fit in with their life better.

Add to that  new research suggesting that renting could actually save us money in the long-term (whaaaaat?) A survey by Ocean finance found that on average home-owners spent an extra £77,000 over a 25-year period than renters do. That’s a lot of flat whites… To celebrate that extra 77k in our back pockets here’s some other reasons we think renting is brilliant.

When things go wrong, there’s someone there to help 

Sure it’s annoying as hell when your boiler breaks for the third time in a winter and you have to wear 14 jumpers and sleep on a bed of hot water bottles BUT imagine that happens and you have to find 6k to sort it. That’s a lot of sofa cushions to search behind.

Plus, if it’s not just your flat or if you live in a building with communal areas and don’t own your freehold you can also be stung for HUGE amounts to fix major issues. Tales of having to add thousands to a mortgage to pay for a share of a whole new roof or structural problems aren’t uncommon. With renting you know exactly what will be going out and when, with no nasty surprises.

Everyone in Europe does it (so it must be chic)

In Paris less than one in three people own their homes and the figures in Berlin are similar. Obsession with home-owning is along with queuing and passive aggressiveness – something of a British trait – so renting is actually a definite pro-Europe act…


Bored of where you live/ex lives down the road and can’t face bumping into them in Pret every morning/techno DJ moves in upstairs, whatever the reason you can usually be out in a couple of months with little consequence.


Bear with us on this, sure some of them leave pass-agg notes carved into the butter and spend longer than you thought humanly possible in the bathroom but for every pain in the a** there’s also the chance that your housemate might turn out to be your new best friend or even the love of your life.

Economic factors

Money markets have fallen and that means that your homeowner pals whose homes were making them ‘thooooooousands a day’ aren’t sitting quite so pretty now.

You can live somewhere you couldn’t afford to buy

Noticed you don’t see quite as much of some of your friends anymore? That’s ‘cos they’ve moved a three bus, two trains and a ‘short’ 35-minute walk from you to get more for their money. They might have a new two-bedder in what they’ll euphemistically call the outskirts of town but their commute is now longer than a flight to Palma.

Renting means you can choose to live exactly where you want to with no compromises, plus with Get Living there’s no security deposit or fees plus a three-year tenancy with a resident-only option to break meaning you’re both saving and secure in your perfect home.