17 Questions with… Aman Ranjan

July 7, 2021

Quick fire questions with East Village resident & foodie

Every month we ask questions to you, our residents.

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Meet Aman!

Aman Ranjan, 24, has lived in East Village for the last four years, describing life in E20 as “perfect combination of modern apartments nestled in nature” which makes it “one of a kind.”

A data analyst and self-proclaimed foodie working in Canary Wharf, Aman was drawn to the neighbourhood for its transport connections and amenities on the doorstep: “East Village offers an escape from the bustling crowds of London with its greenery and wide public spaces. I love Hackney Marshes, too and the walking and hiking trails.

I love the independent shops, cafes and services within a five-minute radius of my home, which makes such a self-sufficient place to live – and a great place to shop for ingredients There’s such a community feel around here, especially with Get Living’s events always bringing people together in the best way possible.”

“Now that I’m working from home I’ve had more time to focus on my food blog @yourdailytreats – whenever I get a spare minute you’ll find me shopping for ingredients or in the kitchen coming up with new recipes. I’ve always dreamt of becoming a chef and hope to open my restaurant one day!”

“During lockdowns, our balcony became our saviour. On my birthday, my partner set up an outdoor cinema for me. This whole experience has made us realise how grateful we are to be living in such an uplifting neighbourhood that makes you feel so positive even during times like this.”

Take a tour of Aman's home and get a foodie's guide to East London:

Interview questions with East Village resident, Aman

1. What’s your favourite thing about your home?

My favourite things about living in East Village are definitely the greenery around and Hackney marshes is really nice, it’s got these really nice walking and hiking trails that’s something I really love about East Village. My favourite thing about the home is definitely the natural light that comes in, you know it really keeps me energised and yeah I feel really good every morning.

2. Describe East Village in three words:

I think quirky, diverse and upbeat.

3. Best places to eat in East London?

Breakfast for me has to be Mae + Harvey, lunch I’m going to say Ottolenghi and dinner is gonna be Gloria.

4. Who would you be your ultimate dinner party guests, and what would you cook them?

Ultimate dinner party guests… now as a foodie I have to say Gordon Ramsey as one for sure, I’d probably cook him up a banging omelette with some crab meat and maybe my late Grandma because she’s the one that got me started with cooking, and I think we’d just enjoy a nice simple bowl of jelly and custard.

5. Who are your favourite chefs and why?

My favourite chefs who’ve inspired me the most has to be Max La Manna, he’s really inspired me to reduce food waste in the kitchen. I’m also gonna say WoonHeng, just to try out more plant-based dishes and Atul Kochhar for getting the vibrancy of South Asian cuisine to UK and beyond.

6. Your favourite place to shop for ingredients? 

My favourite place to shop for seafood has to be Billingsgate Market, but I think anything else probably Wholefoods market.

7. What would you pack in your picnic basket?

You’ve definitely got to have a good bottle of Pimms or Spritz… Some olives or peppers stuffed cheese to go with it, some sandwiches probably pesto-based and a good selection of cookies, scones and a big basket of fruits.

8. And where would you go?

You know East Village is so green I’d probably just pop downstairs.

9. What was the last thing you watched?

Can you tell I’m a 90s kid if I say the last thing I watched was the Friends reunion?

10. What inspires you?

What inspires me is making an impact. The best feeling is always knowing that your hard work’s finally paid off and I think the people around me, so social interaction really energises me and keeps me going.

11. How do you keep fit?

I’ve actually got a P.T Vlad, at Better Gym, who makes sure I’m active at least six times a week. So, it’s not easy.

12. How do you unwind?

The best thing to unwind would have to be cooking with my Spotify playlist on. It’s a complete mix… If I’m making something that makes me feel warm it’s mostly like 90s Lionel Ritchie kind of music, but if I’m making something new like the vegan tuna, has to be some you know, pumpy Drake.

13. Favourite place in the world?

Favourite place in the world for a holiday has to be Lake Como but, anything else hands down London.

14. The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I think the best piece of advice has to be “to treat others the way you’d like to be treated”.

15. Cheese or chocolate?


16. Sugar or spice?

Anything nice?

17. Meat or veg?

I’ve become more vegetarian I have to say, I’ve started to love a lot of vegan food so kind of in between now.

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