Sugar rush pending… it’s national dessert day!

October 7, 2021

and we’re here for it. Bring ON the cake.

Everything in moderation is the key to life, so we’re celebrating this national day on the 14th October with some mouth-watering treats just FOR YOU. Next week, Get Living residents across London and Manchester can go pick up a sweet treat – on us. Head for the best doughnuts in town, at Crosstown Donuts, Elephant Central. Grab a scoop of artisan ice cream at La Gelatiera, East Village; or feast on a fancy French mini gateau (or three) at Bisous Bisous, New Maker Yards. Freebies available for one day only.

And while we’re celebrating desserts, here are a few of our favourite places to indulge our sweet tooth.

The best dessert places across London




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We aren’t biased, we just know a good cake when we taste one and the ever-changing cake menu marathon from Signorelli’s on-site bakery, always hit the spot.  Lucky for anyone living/working/playing at East Village, it’s the trusted local, serving up fresh-from-the-oven biscuits, cookies, pastries and picture-perfect layered cakes: see the Red Velvet, Tiramisu, Carrot, walnut & spice and did we mention CHOCOLATE – service with a with smile, chitter-chatter and very good coffee too.

Signorelli, East Village, Stratford.

The Ivy

Influencers and insta-addicts may have already bee-lined for the Ivy’s infamous chocolate bombe (£8.95), but is it really as good as it looks? Errr. YASS.  This decadent bombe of melting chocolate, oozes with rich vanilla ice cream, chewy honeycomb surprises and is drizzled in a hot salted-caramel sauce. It’s rich, comforting, and it’s the perfect wrap to any winter brunch/lunch/dinner… But don’t just take our word for it, go try it for yourself. Served in Ivy Cafes across the UK, but Tower Bridge serves up the chocolate bombe + stunning views. Bonus. Other desserts also available.




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Strap yourself in because Chin-Chin does what is says on the tin. It’s a ‘dessert club’ and boy does it do desserts. Think Willy Wonker sky-rocketed into the future on a burnt-butter caramel ice cream pie, brûléed and topped with a balancing ball of  Olive Oil infused deliciousness, leaving only a puff of Pistachio cardamom powder in his wake… And actually, that’s just one of the desserts on the menu.

The Observer coined this spot ‘the future of ice cream’ – with its walk-in branches, takeaway-to-go and an online shop where you can ADD ice cream pies, oozing cherry pies, ice cream, sprinkles, cookie stacks and titty cakes (yes that’s what they’re called) – to your cart – we say it’s the future of desserts. Go hungry, go brave, everything is FULL-ON, and you’ll be left dancing on the ceiling.

Chin Chin, Soho and Camden.




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Once you’ve tasted these picture-perfect bubbles of Parisian perfection, you’ll probably never look back. Ladurée – the chic, sophisticated macarons of choice. The perfect gift for fancy friends, and sugar-loving mamas/ girlfriends/ boyfriends – if they make it. Did we mention they’re bitesize? Convenient.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of indulging in a macaron, they’re like a super-light meringue/mini sandwich and they come in a rainbow of colours and flavours. Introduced to France in the Renaissance, there’s a reason why these little beauties have stuck around. You can book a table to taste at the Covent Garden or Burlington Arcade stores or if you’re having a little soirée at home this winter, why not go and pic-n-mix a heavenly selection – forget Ferrero Rocher (or don’t) serve your guests Ladurée.

LadureeUKCovent Garden & Burlington Arcade, London; Selfridges, Manchester… and of course, Paris.

Our top 4 dessert spots in Manchester


Lazy Sundae



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There is a reason why there are so often queues (come rain or shine) outside this pastel paradise in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. The ‘travel’ inspired ice creams – see Peach Tea Sorbet and Mango mochi, bubble-teas, fresh-baked cookies, soufflé pancakes, Hong-Kong toast and that bao-bun ice cream sandwich. Inventive and delicious. This menu was made for sugar-loving, social-media-starlets – and everyone else in between. Plus, their neon-light décor screams a sentiment that we should all live by, really: ‘I licked it, so it’s mine.’

Lazy Sundae, Norther Quarter, Manchester


Grand Pacific


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This opulent Asian inspired bar-cum-restaurant is the perfect setting for a cosy winter get together. And they serve an impressive high tea. Once you’ve lingered over crumpets with lobster butter and a ‘forbidden’ rice arancini with goat’s cheese. It’s onto the SWEET stuff. The chefs have worked tirelessly to conjure a voyage for the tastebuds, a comforting journey of traditional tea and childhood memories in lemon tarts, mini pavlovas and creamy brûlées razzled-up with a glorious dip into the exotic with Jasmine tea bread, rose jelly & cream, Lamington lollipops and coconut rum trifle – and all starting at just £23 per person. Where do we sign up?

Grand Pacific, 50 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 1EN


Your Girl Can Bake


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Say hello to the countries first ever DESSERT drive through, set up by 24-year-old biology student Ikraa Riaz. Sounds a bit bonkers? Well it is. You pre-order your drive through feast from the menu. A technicoloured collection of sugar-infused sweets and treats, cakes, shakes and bakes, waffles, ice cream boats, pancakes and pic n’ mix bundles – and whatever else your sugar-craved brain is in the market for.

You drive to Capricorn House, 58-60 Higher Ardwick, Manchester, where Riaz and her team then provide guests in their car with a resting table that sits over both doors when the windows are down. Your goodies are served and you and whomever else is with you have accosted into this mission has 75-minutes to get completely buzzed, before being sent on your merry way.  Riaz and her team make every ‘dish’ by hand – I mean you gotta give it to the girl! Cleaning teeth thoroughly when you get home is advised. Indulge all week: Monday-Tuesday 5pm-midnight, Thursday-Friday 5pm-midnight and Saturday-Sunday 1pm-midnight.


Archie’s Fast Food and Shakes


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This pink parlour has become a Mancuniun institution for fast-food fans, waffle-winners, movers and shake-lovers. Get your shades on because the décor at Archie’s is retina-testing.  Bold, in-YOUR-FACE. These shameless, power-pink, 50s-esque dining parlours and takeout booths serving up your fast-food hit on the daily. Dessert-kweens – order yourself a thick shake, a fluffy waffle, sit back and cherish every legendary bite.  With six branches in Manchester, and spots in Leeds, and Liverpool, they’re clearly working for world domination – one waffle at a time.

Archies, 72 Oxford St, Manchester M1 5NH


Missed out on a treat this time?

Keep your eyes on our events page or download our resident app for more giveaways and be the first to sign up to other upcoming festivities. Don’t forget to tag us @wearegetliving when enjoying sweet treats at any of our local retailers.

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