Seven local projects offered funding from Get Living’s Inspiring East Village Community Fund

December 21, 2022

Get Living, the UK’s most experienced and progressive build-to-rent developer and operator of large-scale neighbourhoods, announces that it has launched the Inspiring East Village Community Fund, supporting local residents in community activities with over £20,000 awarded to non-profits making an impact in the local area.

The Inspiring East Village Community Fund launch follows the success of a similar funding campaign at New Maker Yards neighbourhood in Salford in 2021 and is part of Get Living’s ongoing commitment to supporting the wider communities in which it operates. Across the UK Get Living provides funding to local community groups and initiatives focused around four key themes:

  • Driving local work and growth;
  • Working towards more sustainable cities;
  • Increasing focus on the arts and creativity; and
  • Improving neighbourhood inclusivity.

A selection panel, which included local residents at East Village, selected the winning projects based on the above criteria. This year the Inspiring East Village Fund is supporting a broad range of projects and initiatives ranging from skateboarding clubs, inclusive community cooking, a youth media project, an employability wellbeing and resilience initiative for young people, a homework support programme for local students, a local girl guiding group, and a series of creative sessions and wisdom circles.

Anna Whitton, Head of Corporate Affairs at Get Living, commented:

“For us as developers and operators of neighbourhoods across the UK, supporting the wider communities is critical and it’s something Get Living has been doing since the business began almost a decade ago. The Inspiring East Village Fund, at our very first neighbourhood, is designed to do just that. We are delighted to be providing much needed investment to local groups and initiatives that work to improve the wellbeing, health and education of those that need it most.”

The successful applications and a summary of their projects are as follows:


Ready to work – Vine Connect

Received £3,000 and will reach ten beneficiaries

Ready to work help young people aged 17-25 in London on the path to employment through training and entrepreneurship. Ready to work deliver employability workshops that incorporate elements of wellbeing and mental resilience to improve the confidence of their participants to make positive and sustainable changes.

XLP Homework Project

Received £3,000 and will reach 60 beneficiaries

XLP nurtures positive futures for young people growing up in inner-city communities in London. Young people may struggle daily with issues such as family breakdown, unemployment and educational failure, and live in areas that experience high levels of anti-social behaviour and gang violence. XLP encourages them to set positive goals and work hard to achieve them.

Who’s behind the camera? – Youth Charter at London Stadium Learning

Received £2,850 and will reach 20 beneficiaries

The Youth Charter is a UK registered charity and UN accredited non-governmental organisation that has campaigned, advocated and promoted the role and value of sport, art, culture and digital technology in the lives of young people from disadvantaged communities nationally and internationally.

YouMeUs @ The Lab E20 – Catalyst In Communities

Received £2,500 and will reach 1,500 beneficiaries

YouMeUs is a non-profit social enterprise formed in 2011 that believes all sections of the community have a right to have their voices heard and that humans thrive through creativity. YouMeUs provide a supportive framework to enable powerful conversations between individuals and communities to create transformative cultural awareness.


Received £2,997 and will reach 85 beneficiaries

QEOP are three small children’s charities based in the East Village that run Queen Elizabeth park girl guiding and are committed to inclusivity and providing opportunities for all.

Inclusive Community Cooking – ASL Aspire Support Learn CIC

Received £3,000 and will reach 4 beneficiaries (as a start)

ASL is a community interest company that specialises in building confidence and opportunities for adults with additional needs, through work based training, social impact, and employment.

Skate Gals & Pals

Received £3,000 and will reach 60 beneficiaries

Skate Gals & Pals is a collective supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals of marginalised genders, People of Colour (POC), and children in the most deprived areas of London. The project focuses on community building, social advocacy, physical and mental wellbeing.

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