Renters’ futures covered with Canopy

August 30, 2018

A blog by Christian Armstrong, Chief Experience Officer

For too long renters have been cut an unfair deal when it comes to building credit scores. While homeowners continue to build their credit rating through their mortgage, renters monthly payments aren’t recognised by lenders. So, when we were introduced to Canopy – a rental app which not only creates a one-stop shop for referencing, but also allows renters to build a Trust Score – the opportunity to partner up was a no brainer. Its “Rent Tracking” feature serves to create a level playing field for owners and renters, and as a business which is continually looking for ways to innovate the property sector and make renting a benefit to people, this was another step in the right direction. The fact that Canopy is campaigning to get renters’ Trust Scores recognised by lenders and credit agencies proved our missions to improve experiences for ‘Generation Rent’ are aligned.

By getting involved in the early stages through an exclusive partnership, we’ve been able to design a platform that works for our residents. We’ve addressed the cumbersome referencing process which could take days; starting with the aim of hours, we have worked with Canopy to get this done in 60 seconds. Canopy is an entrepreneurial business like us and this partnership marks the beginning of a journey where we become more streamlined and take more of our processes online to make things happen for our residents in real time.

Canopy’s platform performs with our recently implemented back-office technology, Yardi, all working together to deliver an improved level of service to residents. The focus of my evolving role of Chief Experience Officer is to continue to connect these dots and bring together operations that deliver faster and better experiences for our residents.

This is only the beginning for what we can do in our sector, the future for renting is limitless.

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