Celebrating a decade committed to community building

This summer marks ten years since Get Living revitalised the former 2012 Athletes’ Village, creating the UK’s first large scale build-to-rent community. East Village London as it stands today spans 65 acres, including 25 acres of public realm, close to 4,000 homes and 30 retailers, most of which are independent. Most importantly, 6,000 people, from all walks of life, have chosen to call this thriving neighbourhood their home.

This simple yet powerful word is what we’re driven by. We understand the vital ingredients of great neighbourhoods that make places feel like home.

Going beyond bricks and mortar, places need to create a sense of comfort and safety, a sense of community, and ultimately a sense of belonging.

This milestone is an opportunity to reflect on our learning and discover why this sense of togetherness and belonging is so fundamental to people’s lives and their wellbeing. Learn more about what we’re doing to celebrate “Where We Belong.”