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Hair today.

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“Straight enough” simply will not do.

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Who’s regretting taking their (hair) fate into their own hands?
Who commandeered the kitchen scissors and went hell for leather on their bangs?
Get crazy with the clippers?
Well we’re overjoyed that our hairdressers are now back in business.

After months of at home dye kits, trims and deep conditioning treatments we’ll be headed to our favourite salons to get our autumn/winter ‘fros fixed up.

‘We’ve found that most clients held off trying their hand at cutting and colouring their own hair, and used the time in lockdown to use treatments, or to take a break from colour,’ says Matt Gebbie, BlueTit Co-owner.

‘As hairdressers we find that the average person washes their hair far too often; usually due to a busy schedule and wanting to feel ‘presentable’ at work. But the more frequently you shampoo your hair the more the natural oils are removed, and in turn the scalps generates oil at a quicker rate. Effectively, you can get stuck in a cycle. The only way to break this is to slowly increase the time between washes, that many people have felt more comfortable doing during this period, which does wonders for the hair. Where possible we would recommend keeping this up! Also, allowing yourself the time to do treatments on your hair, and heat-styling it less is great for improving and maintaining the hairs condition. It promotes growth, creates less breakage, and offers you a wider range of colour treatments to choose from as we have a healthy base to work with.’

So what are the coolest hairstyles for men and women as we head into autumn/winter 2020, Matt?

‘One of the looks we love for women this coming season is shoulder length waves. They give volume and texture to the hair and for those that have thick and heavy hair by nature, this style can lighten it up. Another we think is the 70’s messy shag with bangs, or a fuller fringe. It is really Mod-ish and attracts many people nowadays. The style appears very put together, yet in reality requires very little styling effort.’

‘For men, we are loving the longer jaw-length style; very 90’s, messy, often seen tucked behind the ear. This has been working its way back in fashion and in salon for some time now and we predict this only becoming more popular towards the end of the year. It’s an alternative to the mainstream barbering skin-fade look.’

‘In terms of colour, we always see a rise in darker and warmer colours as we head into cooler months. Recently, we have found that many clients are opting for a softer look, happy to embrace their natural colour and enhance it rather than mask it. This we think is largely due to the fact that people have recently had to grow their roots out for the first time in a while. We see this continuing through autumn/winter’


Face the music.

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After a big day dealing with feminism, capitalism, Trumpism, consumerism and other isms. #selfcare @cshucalligraphy

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Lack of fresh air and natural vitamin D during lockdown may have left complexions looking a little… sallow. It’s time to nip that  in the bud and get our glow on.

Sam at Regency Beauty, East Village has had a lot of clients coming in with congested skin around their ‘mask’ area. ‘We’ve seen a lot of build up on the skin from mask wearing and also when a client has drunk a little more alcohol than usual [during the course of lockdown] –  the excess sugar can inflame the skin. For this we’ve been treating our clients with our Signature 24-Carat gold Facial which is relaxing and holistic but also brilliant at deep cleansing and reviving the skin. The 1-hour facial starts with a skin review, followed by exfoliation, a thorough cleanse, a 24-Carat gold mask is applied and then there’s extraction which draws out all of the impurities, clears up the complexion and brings brightness back.’ The facial cost £90 and the salon are currently offering a £10 discount.

Regular facials are a sensible way to keep your skin at optimum. As summer turns into autumn, look to introducing sumptuous oils to your daily skincare regime to deal with the change in weather, the returned city smog and central heating. Check out eco-chic brands Indie Lee, Aesop and Neom. These smell so divine, they feel extra special and nourishing. If you don’t already know about Kate McIver Secret Weapon Serum, you’ve gotta get onto this! Go that extra step, invest in a face roller and take time to massage that oil in before bed. For instant PMU add a couple of drops of St Moritz to your morning moisturiser for a faux-glow. Ciao, lacklustre complexion.

‘A sure fire way to give your face a refresh is with LVL lashes, a HD brow treatment, tint and shape, which are our most in demand treatments right now – after pedicures,’ adds Sam at Regency Beauty, and we cant deny how transformative preened eyes and facial hairs makes us look and feel. ‘

My body, my rules.

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Lockdown life served up spare hours for online workouts and home preening. When it comes to skin, we always feel more full of life with a subtle glow about us – ‘subtle’ being of optimum importance. We may have had to cancel our summer jaunts but we’ve still got that sun-kissed look thanks to some carefully applied tan. You know the drill: Exfoliate, cream up and get good at subtle tanning. Even tan-virgins can get to grips with a gradual lotion-an- tan-in-one. As always, go easy around the tricky tanning trinity: knees, ankles and elbows. Dab those parts with an old towel after application to remove excess and ALWAYS wash hands thoroughly after all tanning procedures. If you’re jumping head-first in with the strong stuff get yourself some mitts.

Regency Beauty have just introduced a new wonder treatment ‘Cool Sculpting’ to their list. Hailing from  the U.S, the EDF approved body sculpting treatment ‘Cool Sculpt’  painlessly freezes fat in the body which is then removed through lymphatic drainage. If you’re keen to help sculpt your body along with a good diet and exercise plan, book your free no-obligation consultation with their medical aesthetic director who will assess your requirements and devise a tailor made treatment and cost plan for you.

Happy Feet.

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My brother tried this yoga-meets-Snapchat manoeuvre without success as boys, unfortunately, are incapable of multitasking. ??‍♀️

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If you’re used to regular pedicures (guilty) you would have been counting down the days for the nails spas to fling open their doors and give hooves a good seeing to. ‘When we opened again in June, everyone wanted pedicures,’ Sam at Regency Beauty, ‘the best thing about our manis and pedis is that our owner spends a lot of time in Miami which means she gets her hand on the latest nail products and shades for the season before they officially launch here in London! ON your next appointment with us make sure you check out the latest Shellac CND colour collection: Down By The Bay which is a gorgeous upbeat selection of lilacs and purples, pinks, reds, blues – both pastels and brights.’

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Main Images from the Oway x Blue Tit 2020 collection and the Blue Tit Creative Team.
Oway 2020 collection shots: Photographed by Simone Lezzi; Styled by Rubina Marchiori; Beauty by Marco Antonio