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Quick fire questions with co-founder of FitFam Studios

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Meet Aaron!

Aaron Edwards – the man behind the muscle and his lovely wife and Lainey Panayis, are the founders and faces FitFam Studios.

They promise hardcore functional movement and strength training that will have you grunting (yelping, crying!) – with their tougher than hell group classes and one on one personal training programs. Aaron and his expert team also provide their clients with personalised nutrition plans and mentoring to encourage and support – every sweaty step of the way.

With over 13 years’ personal training experience, ‘Best PT of the Year’ and ‘The Canary Wharf Sports Personality of the Year’ awards under his belt, Aaron and his life-partner have a vested interest in building the FitFam-fam and making us all feel, be and look our very best.

After a tough year for us all, we catch up with Aaron at his studio – because it’s time to get ourselves in ship-shape for the sunny season – and let’s face it, we all want to know what that man eats for breakfast, amiright?

Join the fam and follow them at @fitfamstudios for instant workout inspo.

Take a tour of the FitFam studio and get motivated to get moving:

17 Questions

1.  Your favourite thing about FitFam studios?
We’ve got a really big studio, its above ground so we’ve got a lot of daylight coming in which is unusual for PT studios and yeah we’ve got a great bunch of clients and there’s a great buzz here.

2. Best place for an outdoor workout?
I really like working our around where the Olympic Rings are, there’s a massive open area there steps, hills… It’ great.

3. Describe East London in three words:
Diverse, buzzing and trendy.

4. What does your perfect family day look like?
Perfect day would be maybe us preparing a picnic, going on a bike ride in the forest, maybe a little adventure in the forest and then enjoying time together.

5. What do you typically eat when you’re training?
When I’m on a clean bulk, my regular meal is something like chicken breast, rice and vegetables. But that’s when I’m on a clean bulk.

…and on cheat day?
Cheat day’s a very bad day. Could be pizzas… Could be a lot of other stuff I’ve got a very sweet tooth, so I love desserts.

6. What would you say to motivate people post-lockdown?
During lockdown, everyone picked up bad habits and became lazy but now lockdown’s over, you know it’s time to set some new goals and get out and smash them… You know it’s so easy to lose the habits so now it’s time to build new ones.

7. Best exercise to get you sweating?
A lot of people would probably think burpees, but we’ve got a machine called the assault bike and it’s a killer, 10 seconds on it and you could be finished.

8. Your ultimate dinner party guest?
It’s a tricky question so I’m gonna invite two people, first one will be Nicole Scherzinger and the second one would be the Rock – and the Rock is only coming so my wife doesn’t get jealous.

9. Your sporting heroes?
One guy comes to mind, Daley Thompson. So we were at the same athletics club, he’s a lot older now, he’s retired. But he was a double Gold Olympic medallist – he broke the world record for decathlon four times. So when I came into athletics as a decathlete, all the records I was chasing were his. I didn’t beat any of them but I still did pretty well myself.

10. Where do you shop for activewear?
I tend to shop around, but one of the best places near here that I like to go into randomly is TK Maxx, just because of the random selection that you may find and you pick up some real bargains.

11. Your go-to snack?
If I was ever stuck in my car or on a long walk and I got hungry I could always go into my pockets and find a bag of nuts or some oat biscuits or some rice cakes.

12. The last book you read?
The last book I read was the E-Myth Revisited and it’s basically about how small businesses can become more successful and especially coming out of lockdown this is something we’re looking into.

13. Sugar or spice?
Definitely sugar, chocolate hob nobs, magnums all that sort of stuff.

14. Your favourite way to unwind?
I missed the cinema in lockdown, so yeah cinema just because when you go in the cinema turn your phone off, no talking. Cinema, I love it.

15. Your favourite place in the world?
If it’s just me and my wife, my favourite place was where we went in Cuba. But apart from that, I’m happy with a beach and my wife and kids.

16. Who inspires you?
One of them is my Mum… based on the decisions she’s made early in life you know, for me to get to where I am now, she was basically a single mum… We basically come from really nothing so from where I’ve come to you know I can’t ignore the fact that she was a massive part of that. And the second person would be my wife Lainey, and that’s just because she keeps me going all the time. Every time I’m about to slip off, she puts me back on track. Every time I’m about to have a cheat meal, she brings me back on track. Every time I’m about to be lazy she lifts me up and tells me to move.

17. The best advice you’ve ever been given?
Basically to become a priority in your life. Look after yourself.