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Meet your Get Living Assistant

October 23, 2019

Get Living has launched its own bespoke artificial intelligence bot on Google Assistant, designed specifically to make life in its East Village neighbourhood more seamless than ever before.

In a UK BTR first, all 500 homes at Victory Plaza, Get Living’s newest building in E20, will come complete with a Google Home device, giving residents the choice to connect to their Google Assistant.

When residents first move in, the Get Living Assistant will welcome them by providing information about their home, the appliances in it, utilities and surrounding amenities, so they feel at home from the get-go.

What’s more, the bot is programmed to answer more than 150 queries. Residents will be able to ask questions from: “How do I set up an account with my energy supplier?” to “Where’s the nearest pizza place?” and “What’s happening in East Village this week?” so they can easily manage their homes and make the most of their neighbourhood.

Get Living has worked with artificial intelligence experts EBI.AI to develop the bot as part of its drive towards creating brilliant customer experiences.

Christian Armstrong, Chief Experience Officer at Get Living comments: “Launching the Get Living Assistant is another PropTech first for us and a key part of our strategy to provide more communication options and improve our responsiveness for residents.

“The bot will be able to help people settle into their new home, from letting them know where they can buy groceries down to giving instructions on how to use their induction hob. It will also learn from the queries – the more our residents use it, the smarter it will become. With a feedback functionality, the bot is a crucial tool for our team in understanding our residents’ needs so that we can continue to improve our personal service and rental offer.”

While Victory Plaza is the first and only smart assisted building of its scale, all Get Living residents (not just those with Google Home devices), will be able to talk to the bot via Google Assistant. They’ll simply need to say: ‘Hey Google, talk to Get Living…’ and they’ll have access to all the same capabilities.

Christian adds: “This is just the beginning – we will continue to develop the Get Living bot to integrate with our systems to deliver a simpler and more seamless renting experience for our residents as we grow across the UK.”

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