14 Reasons to love build-to-rent homes

March 25, 2021

Your dream home = reality

We often look to our sassy European neighbours for that je ne sais quoi (the French), effortless, pared-back style (the Nords), that zest for life (Italians), that party spirit (here’s looking at you, Spain)…from French girl hair, to Mediterranean lunching and Lagom, there’s one very critical trend that we always seem to overlook – the rental trend.

In the UK, we obsess about saving to buy. We run ourselves into the ground trying to build Herculean savings, for a monstrous deposit, for that 25+ year mortgage;  while also trying to attain our dream jobs/see our friends/find the perfect partner/stay fit/stay sane/have the best eyebrows/not wear moth eaten clothes…dance? … and then we beat ourselves up when we realise that 1+1 doesn’t make £62.5k.

ARE WE FAILURES? NO! We are not.

All the while, our cross-channel friends seem to be stylishly swanning about, living their best lives…looking pretty unruffled – looking pretty fabulous actually, existing in gorgeous homes (that they rent), saving (actual) money…dancing.

While in the UK we’re taught to:

Save for house – buy house – sell house – make a big buck – buy bigger house.


Many of our continental friends rent for life.

If we take stock of the private rental market in the UK – rental fees for often small and below average spaces, absent landlords who still haven’t sorted out that damp in the bathroom, is it any wonder us Brits are so eager to save for a place of our own?

Then on the flip side, hopping onto that mystical rung of property ownership means you’ll be faced with finding half-a-lifetime’s salary for a deposit, then paying through the nose to get that damp, dilapidated home fixed up (cue Jamie O’Neal) ‘aaaaaall bbbbbby yoooooour-self.’

With adults in their mid-30s-to-40s three times more likely to rent than 20-years ago (ONS/Office of National Statistics), there’s an even bigger market for BETTER rental options. Cue the national trend that is build-to-rent (BTR). But what are build-to-rent properties?
They’re stylish, uncomplicated, dream homes (to rent) in sought after postcodes.


Reasons to live in a build-to-rent apartment

1. This is simple, straightforward and utterly stylish living for discerning home makers

When you go through an operator like Get Living, they’ll do the hard work of finding you a home that meets your needs. Dealing with one agent, one team, you’ll have the beauty of choice. The balls’ in your court.

2. Onsite teams six days a week

This mean you can drop in to welcome offices and get help with any queries you might have from a real person (no more disappearing landlords). This service is available seven days a week during summer months.

3. Long tenancy terms mean you don’t have to panic – or leave for that matter

Three-year tenancies offered as standard mean that you can finally put down roots, start a family (woah – if you’re ready for that!) without fear that the landlord will turf you out in a few months to get a better deal on the rent. Resident-only break clauses means that only you still have the freedom and flexibility should you want to move on sooner, but you can rest assured that it’s when you’re ready.

4. Sparkly, clean, light, bright, high-spec spaces come complete with beautiful concept furniture

And if you already have your own pieces, that’s fine too. Ciao sub-standard living.

5. You have the freedom to decorate your home to make it all your own

With Get Living, if you say for the full three years you don’t have to worry about making good as your home gets a fresh lick of paint anyway!

6. Wifi included in the rent comes as standard

So you can be working, streaming, gaming and Zooming all at once.

7. There’s a home suited to everyone

Get Living offers over 3,000 impressive properties in London and Manchester – you can live with all the comforts in a big city neighbourhood. Check, check, check.

8. There’s plenty of access to private outdoor spaces

All Get Living apartments come with either a private terrace / balcony / winter garden or shared roof garden.

9. Independent restaurants, bars, brunch spots, coffee havens, micro-breweries, organic grocers galore on the doorstep

Eat, shop, drink and gym all within less than five minutes walk away. All our neighbourhoods have their own eclectic mix of local, independent retailers to discover.

10. There are free and exclusive resident events to attend

Think cook-school, drinks-nights, live music, yoga, comedy, **parties**; there are also events that are specifically child and family-focused. Turn-up, mingle, make new friends or learn a new skill(z). Stay tuned here for Get Living’s calendar of events.

11. Free fitness classes all year-round

Each of our neighbourhoods have their own schedule of weekly workouts, giving you the chance to meet fellow fitness friends from your area. You’ll also find local gyms, boutique studios and personal trainers on your doorstep to fit into your schedule.

12. You can give up the car

Get Living neighbourhoods are all situated close to game-changing transport links, meaning less time commuting, more time doing what you love. And for those who don’t want to give up their car – we offer a number of car parking spaces at an additional cost.

13. As long-term guardians of the places it creates, Get Living puts sustainability at its core

From green initiatives such as rainwater harvesting to beehives and supporting grassroot organisations which benefit the wider community, Get Living goes beyond providing homes to creating positive environmental and social impact, right now and for the future.

14. Everyone who lives in a build-to-rent home, loves it:

Sally Norman, New Maker Yards resident: “Our experience with Get Living actually opened our eyes to how flexible renting could be, we were able to choose the exact date and time to move-in and now that we’re living here it’s great to know we have an artistic license to personalise the space and truly make it ours.”

Clarissa Frost, Elephant Central resident: “Having already a security deposit saved we spent the money on little finishing touches that have helped make the apartment feel like our home which has been so important when moving to a completely new city. We feel like we’ve been here for years. The whole process with Get Living has felt really seamless and made easing into life in London really easy.”

Miguel Garcia, East Village resident: “When we decided to start a family, we wanted to look for a home that would be high quality, clean and safe, with a responsible landlord […] We spend our weekends at East Village’s cafes; Signorelli, Hand and Ginger & Mint are all family-friendly and run by great people. We enjoy giving give back to local business community.”

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Lobby of Portlands Place in East Village with an LED sign that says 'Welcome Home'

Renting with Get Living

Renting with us is simple and straightforward with standard long-term tenancies and a resident’s only break clause.

Our relationship managers will guide you through the whole renting process, from start to finish. With us there’s no middleman and our on-site team is always there to help once you move in. Speak to a member of the Get Living team today to find a home for rent in London or Manchester.

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